Science Is at War with Religion. They Are Not Non-Overlapping Magisteria.

Ancient Greeks fought religion with words.

Religion fought back with centuries of violence.

Stephen Jay Gould, wanting the violence to end, said the two did not overlap. He tried to avoid conflict when conflict was necessary.

If we forget that the scientific method protects us from religion, we lose what is a war.

We have to remember that when we lack evidence, we suspend judgment.

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Ancient Greeks promoted religion with words. 

"We have to remember that when we lack evidence, we suspend judgment." I dont think humans are capable of such a feat. Not yet anyway...
Wayne, I agree that many humans, lacking evidence, are unable to suspend judgment. Among them are Big Bang cosmologists.

We agree on something! :)

Research suggests that discussing this conflict in terms of "war on science" increases polarization.

The Effects of the “War on Science” Frame on Scientists’ Credibility

from a reddit commentor:

... what the authors are saying is that by even bringing up that a "war on science" exists it predisposes self-identified conservatives to take a negatively biased stance toward any scientific evidence. They also noted that if scientific findings or facts are discussed in a more neutral or polite and open frame, that conservatives took a much more neutral stance or view of the credibility of the information being presented to them.

Ruth, do you see my conflict with Big Bang cosmology as a war on science?

If not, I don’t understand your post.

Ruth, you are concerned about Trump supporters in their perception of science?



Who wouldn't be concerned?

To the Trumpenkorp, who happen to be running the world at the moment, science is just another word for nothing left to lose.

And Tom, as far as I can see, Ruth's response had absolute zero to do with your fucking big bang obsession. Turn on Netflix and watch Shameless. Sheila will prove to you that the big bang is a thing. To us normal people who aren't so easily triggered, there was nothing particularly difficult to comprehend in what Ruth shared. Translation: Fuckheads who igonore science don't like you to use the expression "war on science." Not using it might make them a little more able to talk to you. Editor's note: No big, no bang.

Bert, what you missed in Ruth’s post is that nowhere in my posts did she see mention of a war on science.

If like you she sees my “...fucking big bang obsession” as a war on science, I want her to say so.

Shameless is a fun series.

Bert my point is that trump supporters buy into propaganda and ya cant confuse em with facts.

Frankie - I getcha, and I completely agree.

But what scares the shit out of me is that we may be fooling ourselves in assuming that facts are going to win out long term. Remember when Michelle Obama said truth matters? The conservatives are laughing all the way to the bank about how quaint and cute that is.

The conservatives can laugh all they want to and Michelle will influence the future more than they.


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