no idea how interesting this will be.  John Stossell is the host, and he's an admitted but regretful Atheist.  anyway, thought i'd point it out for those who might want to watch. 

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Anyone who says they'd LIKE to believe is starting out with two strikes, so far as I'm concerned.  I won't watch it, mostly because I don't watch Faux Noise on principle, but I'll be interested to hear if the discussions are handled fairly or if the typical Faux spin is in place.

I suppose if there is a saving grace in any of that it is that Bill O'Reilly isn't moderating the show.

He is a strawman atheist employed by Fox to have an atheist to beat up on the air, and gets paid to do it. I am glad I do not own a television, as we already know how this will come out.


And the competing opinions do not deserve equal time, as only one can be demonstrated to be true and predictive (hint: not God).


And Fox will not give equal time to Hindus, Muslims, Shinto, Bahai, Shikism, Wicca, or any other of a host of ten thousand versions of Protestant Christianity, most mutually exclusive.


It is propaganda, part of their non-War on Christmas. I would rather watch a test card with a thousand hertz tone.

I suppose I'm old school.  I prefer NTSC color bars and a 400 Hz sine wave.

OR sit and watch the fire.  A front loader washer is also good to watch.  Better than FOX, and it actually serves a purpose.

Cool - I will have to put it in the DVR to record. Sounds interesting.

i'm not sure if there's much difference, but this isn't on Fox News, it's on Fox Business News which is a separate channel.  it might be worth watching just to see Krauss slay some dragons. 

I recently finished A Universe From Nothing (audio version.)  It made my head hurt, but in a good way.  Krauss certainly knows a thing or two about rationality.

I found his lecture on YouTube on the topic to be accessible and fascinating ... but then I'm an engineer and my background in physics may have helped.

i saw him speak here in Philadelphia about a year ago.  it was his first lecture on his tour.  fascinating how "nothing" is no longer nothing.  also how "something" can appear from what we used to consider nothing.  it's the one of the best arguments physics can make to dispel the notion that Goddidit. 

I think that the single idea that empty space can have (and likely DOES have) energy is fascinating and is likely pivotal to our understanding the dynamics of where the Big Bang came from and how it came about.

"Goddidit!" That is my new swear word. Excellent.

I'm a civil engineer, and most everything in the book was way above my head.  I was able to digest the important points though.  Dawkins wrote the epilogue, and even he made the claim that much of what Krauss wrote was beyond his reach, but the degree of respect was obvious.




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