I saw a very interesting program on the History Channel recently. There is evidence from geology (mud cores) and sonar that the Black Sea was not always there--at least not at its present size, and with salt water. It seems that up until 8000 years ago, there was a valley there with a small fresh-water lake at its center. But global oceans rose by 5 feet, and the water came spilling over a land dam, through the channel now known as the Bosporus, and into that valley, creating the Black Sea. It seems its not clear just how sudden this was but the volume and rate of flow was truly enormous and people might have been unable to escape the flood.

The scientific evidence (mud cores from the floor of the Black Sea) for this is quite good. Plus, sonar was used and found rocks that might have been part of the ancient settlements that were submerged.

Now I don't mention all this to show that "science proves the Bible." I have no problem with the idea that some memories of historical happenings are found in the Bible. (And many other peoples, as the program pointed out, have flood myths, one of the best known being in the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh.") However, the flood imagined by the scientific investigation (1) did not inundate the entire world, and (2) did not recede--both of which are details at odds with the Biblical Noah's Flood. Also (point 3?), I'm all for there being a scientific explanation for the Bible "miracles."

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I do find it fun - and am sure the geologists had even more fun - figuring out exactly what would have had to be involved in a global flood.

Although keep in mind, Xians will trump everything by claiming 'miracle.' God is not subject to physical laws. So all the geologist has done is prove that science is BS.

Or that the Xian can't wrap its mind around big concepts so prefers the simpler explanation, "God did it."



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