I have been debating my Islamic cousin in law for the last couple of days; today she asked me to Google scientific miracles in the Quran which I did... can anyone come up with a good explanation of this and a good rebuttal?

thanks guys; im at a loss with this one.

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I found a website that explains this perfectly :-) http://www.apostatesofislam.com/apostates/abulk/articles/allah_cann...
what kind of miracles? i am an ex-muslim however my mother tongue is Persian but i can understand Quran without translation. i haven't seen any miracle in it . i have heard some kinds of these bullshits before but i guarantee many of them are absolutely false and others are just some vague statements not miracles . some example in our religion books in school was written that there are 365 "day" and 12 "months" words and... in Quran i was impressed in that time but when i myself tested i saw that all those claims were just some lies ...
Ask her to give you some specific examples "scientific miracles" that she thinks are true. There are a lot of claims of miracles in Quran, but most of the ones I have seen are extremely vague. For instance, there was mention in the Quran that the Earth had a "ceiling", which Muslims say is describing the atmosphere. However, it could well be the case that they literally thought there was a ceiling above the Earth that could not be penetrated.
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The people in this group will easily answer your question about the "miracles". I'll look it up tomorrow or the next day. Cheers.
She is probably referring to Zakir Naiks lecture on "scientific miracle in the quran". This was in response to a question posed to him as to how he would convert an atheist. There is an excellent rebuttal of it on youtube along with the video of the original lecture/show/event


one more thing. In order for the Quran to be considered divine it needs to get everything right in the "scientific miracles and predictions" department (or a considerable amount of stuff right). Getting a 50% score on this won’t actually look good on the resume of a divine book.
Furthermore, most of the predictions and alleged "scientific miracles" in Quran, like in all other religious books and all other prophets are presented in vague and often ambiguous terms. This presents a problem since a varied range of events can be seen as the fulfillment of the prophecy/prediction/before-hand-scientific-knowledge. It is also to be noted that most of this stuff surfaces after the actual scientific discovery is made.




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