Urgent and important to all. Please see the link below. This is an event organized by the international scientific community to demonstrate against and resist the Trumph administration's blatantly anti-scientific and irrational agenda driven policy decisions based on "alternative facts".  This event is in the planning stages and needs all the support it can get.


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As a non-believer I base much of my philosophy on science. As a skeptic, I require evidence before belief. As a taxpayer, I know my funding of science has led to countless discoveries across a wide range of the sciences. We cannot afford an anti-science government. The planet is too fragile to come under the supervision of fools.

Nicely put Jerry.

The general distrust of experts and scientists, John, is because they are always changing their minds. The religious have an answer. "God said it, I believe it, and that settles it." These people have no understanding of science in general and even less understanding of how we ended up with the Buybull.

  My great uncle was pa patent attorney for NASA. He told my father that for every dollar they invested in technology they had a twenty dollar return. If that is true than science not only benefited the space program(in addition to who knows what) but  was actually profitable. Here I sit writing this on my computer that was developed by the field of science, on which I am communicating with other people. I don't need to ask Bill Gates if computers can be beneficial to people or profitable monetarily. Nor will I ask a preacher if God did it. I just wouldn't "trust" the preachers answer. I had no idea that scientist had any lack of trust from anyone.

 It would be interesting if in the article Daniel posted they had compared the data of those who distrusted scientist.  I would bet a paycheck they all said they very highly trusted their preachers! Ironic. 

Is the current distrust of science and/or modernism a result of any of these?

1) The development and use in 1945 of the atomic bombs to defeat Japan?

2) The growth since the 1970s of postmodern suspicion of "narrative"?

3) The growth during the Cold War of the scientific fraud we know as the Big Bang?

4) America's decades-long increase of political corruption?

The public won't understand why the BB, with its religious implications, is a fraud but they can suspect and react.

Much truth there, John, but I'm careful to avoid generalities.

Scientists and students who are studying science are earning and receiving awards of many kinds. Twenty years ago, newly retired, I tutored math to high schoolers who were not making it in regular classes. They were doing math--set theory and more--I first saw in college.

I ignored the also-retired far-right GOP-er who last week told me he has no respect for the Nobel Award.

A metaphor for our times was the Poseidon Adventure movie in which bands of people in an overturned cruise ship followed leaders in various directions, each seeking survival.

John! so powerfully and wonderfully written, I have goosebumps up my spine. Just reading it I overcame my moment of despair and you lifted me to a higher plane. I remember all too well the life of my grandmothers; my life is far easier because of science and technology that gives me a washing machine, dryer, central heating, electric stove, a car with electric ignition, family planning, disposable diapers, and on and on and on!

My family lived according to the patriarchal style of control/submission. Science even changed that for me and my descendants. We have problem-solving, time management, budgeting, conflict resolution, team building, communication skills, and much more, just because we now know how to live with others in a more intelligent way, with less family violence, and with more communication skills. 

The thing I most appreciate is the unbinding of my mind from religious values and living to my full potential. My poor grandmothers could not control their pregnancies and had large families. They had none of the modern conveniences and were expected to submit and obey men who were less than supporting of them and too often far less intelligent than they. The women worked from morning 'til night and had no time off!. There were strict sex-role expectations and when women reached out for help they were discounted. Even doctors trivialized their pain. If a woman spoke out she was demonized at best, beaten at worst.

Science, research, experimentation, all helped women to free themselves from the binding of attitudes, beliefs, customs, traditions, and values of the past. Everyone gained by these changes. 

I am grateful for what science has done for women. Now, if science could just end wars, maybe we could develop to a new standard of living. Family life would not be disrupted by the young men going off to war, coming home wounded physically and mentally, or not coming home at all. Women could stop churning out male children from their bodies to have them blown to bits by bullets and bombs. 

With all these developments, improvements that freed men and women from old tyrannies, now we have Trump!

Joan, war might end when science can cure and prevent antisocial personality disorder, now aka psychopathy, sociopathy or narcissism.
John, and Joan, I have long suspected that masochism is genetic and passed from mothers to daughters.

I'm just finishing Cindy Meston's and David Buss' book, Why Women Have Sex, and thinking the behavior is less common, though still present, in young women now.




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