Urgent and important to all. Please see the link below. This is an event organized by the international scientific community to demonstrate against and resist the Trumph administration's blatantly anti-scientific and irrational agenda driven policy decisions based on "alternative facts".  This event is in the planning stages and needs all the support it can get.


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Yea, oh yea! But I Fear it is as unlikely as you imply.

Thanks Joan. Your reply makes me wonder why women especially are not out there raging against this social trend. Like you I come from a far different past and know all too well the drudgery and limited lives of many women in less modern circumstances. I agree that science and technology greatly contributed to women being able to break the chains imposed by biology, culture and the myths that attended.

John, and Joan, I have long suspected that masochism is genetic and passed from mothers to daughters.

I'm just finishing Cindy Meston's and David Buss' book, Why Women Have Sex, and thinking the behavior is less common, though still present, in young women now.



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