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It helps to search the actual site you post the question on before you ask it. There are search boxes embedded in each page, or more effectively, type this into google - noah's ark

You'll only get 415 results.
They already debunked it 2 weeks ago when an ex coworker of the evangelical scientists explained how they faked the footage
I think this is about the fifth time in the last ten years I have heard the fundies try and resurrect this same bullshit story. I remember a long discussion thread on it over at Ev/C Forum about 3 years ago. The was a ton of evidence brought forward to debunk it. Basically, a few scraps of wood up on a mountaintop. Not much different from seeing the virgin Mary in a pizza...
This story was reported on many skeptical websites back in April.

On PZ Myer's Pharyngula is the post:



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