Scott Lively & his gay Nazi theory on the Daily Show

"Hitler was a homosexual. His inner circle was always filled with homosexuals. His bodyguards were homosexual. His chauffeur was homosexual. The Nazis were not only gay, the Nazis met in a gay bar." Those are the words of Scott Lively, whose book, The Pink Swastika, alleges that all the atrocities of the Third Reich were due to the amoral savagery of the homosexual.


Believe it or not this evangelical minister is in total earnest. I don't know why he went on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart but he deserves everything he got.


More, including a video, here.



Vidcap of the "Pink Shirts" about to march off on a "Glitzkrieg"


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Surely he knew that his arguments would be mocked and exposed as the idiocy they are? I can't fathom what he hoped to accomplish by appearing on that show. But I'm glad he did, because it was hilarious.
My guess is that he knew he would be mocked but figured other evangelicals would rally to him as a martyr and his audience (and influence) would increase. Facts aren't important to tribal loyalists. When a member of the tribe is attacked by outsiders, they close ranks behind him.
Also, Scott Lively and his ilk are by no means unique. Google on "gay nazi" or "homosexual nazi" and you'll find a variety of discussions. It's kind of like a Protocols of Zion, only for homonazis.

I'm glad I have "superhuman power" as discussed in this video.
Wow. I had no idea. Thanks for the education, Daniel.
These "gays are Nazis" people remind me a lot of neo-Nazis who say that the evil Jews made up the Holocaust to persecute innocent Germans. Apparently a group of people who killed gays were made up of gays and since they did evil things that means gay are evil...and then what? Should be systematically rounded up and killed? Pumping irony and mental's a day at the gym!
I"m always thrilled when someone takes one of my old phrases, such as "pumping irony", to a whole new level. PRG, FTW!
You invented "pumping irony"? It's pure gold!
I may not have been the first person to have thought of it, but I hadn't heard of it before I though of it, and started using it. Humans, in general, have big, wordy brains. With billions on the planet, it's hard for me to imagine that some of us don't have the same ideas.
Appalling production values - graphic artist can't spell ('mythcical'); narrator can't pronounce ('Nazy-ism'); the narration doesn't even match the text display at times. And that hideous in-your-face accent ('warsh orf the veneer'). What is that? Jersey shore on PHP? And then they go on to explain what 'veneer' means for the benefit of the semi-literate. Talk about the blind leading the blind.

And an arrow connecting Hitler and the Theosophical Society founder, in case the connection theory is too hard to follow. Ah, There's an arrow, so there must be a connection.

Hitler wasn't a genuine Christian? Shock horror. Homosexuality and sadism were rife among powerful Nazis? Shock horror. Effeminates were persecuted? .Shock horror! Nazism emerged from pseudo-religious quasi-fascist cults? Shock horror. Nothing new here.

I suspect that for Hitler, power was the ultimate drug. Eva Braun was a trophy wife, but I don't think he had much time for any other hanky-panky. Then again, I wasn't a fly on the bunker wall.
Just a quick correction. Most Germans did not know about Eva Braun, so she was hardly a trophy. Their marriage lasted all of 15 minutes, so she was hardly a wife.
Fair comment, Al-Kadim. She was around for a couple of years, though. Now that you mention it, she would have to have been a secret. So yes, hardly a trophy. A consummated relationship? Who knows?
I seem to remember hearing that an SS film of Hitler and Eva Braun having sex exists. The sex was described as pretty ordinary and pedestrian hetero stuff.




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