Scott Lively & his gay Nazi theory on the Daily Show

"Hitler was a homosexual. His inner circle was always filled with homosexuals. His bodyguards were homosexual. His chauffeur was homosexual. The Nazis were not only gay, the Nazis met in a gay bar." Those are the words of Scott Lively, whose book, The Pink Swastika, alleges that all the atrocities of the Third Reich were due to the amoral savagery of the homosexual.


Believe it or not this evangelical minister is in total earnest. I don't know why he went on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart but he deserves everything he got.


More, including a video, here.



Vidcap of the "Pink Shirts" about to march off on a "Glitzkrieg"


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"The sex was described as pretty ordinary and pedestrian hetero stuff.

Well damn!!
Except most evangelicals probably don't watch the Daily Show.
Who knows about the psychology of hatemongers. He's using "The big lie" method, and Im sure it gains him money and influence. He's no different from the other kinds of bigots, racists and antisemites. I think ridicule is by far the most effective way to deal with these slimebags.
Of course he didn't know. Who goes out of their way to be publicly ridiculed?

That just makes him more of a nut thinking he would find a single sympathetic ear.

Who out there was thinking, 'Of course Hitler and his inner circle were gay! That's why they targeted gays in their pogroms and encouraged sex for pure children.'

In any case even if he was gay what the fuck does that have to do with anything going on today?
Scott Lively is no dummy. He researched the topic. Here is some of his source material, proof positive that Hitler was gay:

Wow, disco is older than I thought! And after the war, Germany managed to suppress it until the '70s!
The Nazi crimes against humanity were endless. But I never expected disco!

Mel Brooks had some notions on the topic too, but I've already posted too many videos.
Springtime for Hitler is never too much.
The choreographed swastika...I laughed my ass off!
The only thing that could take it a step further is synchronized swimming.
More of Lively's research here. There's an entire genre of flamboyant gay Hitler.

Lively is obviously an extremist idiot and The Pink Swastika is trash, but for the record, the idea of Hitler being gay has picked up in slightly more reputable circles, There's a German historian Lothar Machtan who offers the same hypothesis in his book The Hidden Hitler. Machtan is better known as a scholar of 19th century Germany, and this is his first book to be translated into English. He is much better sourced that Lively and offers a more nuanced argument about Hitler's sense of shame in his past homosexual activity. Nevertheless, he avoids the crass cause and effect ideas that are so intrinsic to Lively's nonsense.



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