SCOTUS Trying to Turn USA Into Christian Theocracy: Report

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read this.  you'll be even angrier about this decision.  just a taste:

If giving up your side in exchange for nothing looks like a shoddy compromise for liberals, what else might explain acceptance of Justice Kennedy’s new coercion principle—that at least as an adult you are not being coerced by government prayer unless your religion is being denigrated or you are threatened with damnation? The other apparent rationale for acceding to this new standard is the idea that atheists, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and other religious minorities should simply have thicker skins. They are all tiny minorities in a deeply religious nation, and they ought to have greater respect for the religious beliefs of the Christian majority. If they lack that respect, or if they feel alienated by the majority’s religious pronouncements, they have only themselves to blame. As Noah Feldman put it, “it is an interpretive choice to feel excluded by other people's faiths.”

Thanks for the link and excerpt. I don't see how I can get any angrier about the direction this country is taking. Fortunately, I own no guns and have no plans on owning them as It is against my religion.




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