As many of you know the Boy Scouts of America bans atheists, agnostics, and gays from participation at any level. A group called Scouting for All might be a solution.

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It's funny to think of all that now. I started in Cub Scouts when I was five, and stayed in scouting just short of my Eagle rank when I was 17. I never really noticed how religious the ideals of scouting were. We were always the troop that had connections. We did everything from backpacking, camping, white water kayaking to flying glider planes. Recreation was great, and we had good funding. We were all taught to respect our elders and help everybody in need, regardless of religious affiliation. I guess the reason I am writing all this is the fact that the organization will help anybody, but when religious affiliation (or lack of) becomes known, it's suddenly a problem.

          It sickens me to know an organization I spent a great number of years participating in, would be such judgemental pricks when it comes to this. I agree, scouting for all would provide a positive solution to the issue. I'm just wondering about national jamborees and other joint-regional activities. I'm willing to bet their would be a ban placed on Scouting for All members. What a judgemental world we live in....

Lol, the grammer nazi failed. "I'm willing to bet there...." Last sentence correction. 

There is Camp Quest too.




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