SD Legislature Wants to Bring Children to Atheism, from FFRF

“The bible is littered with contradictions and inconsistencies. It contains over 2500 years of annexations, excisions, mistranslations, and editorial revisions. The first part, the Hebrew Bible, is the record of a barbaric Bronze Age tribe and its genocidal military conquest for territory. It is brimming with tedious “begats” and descriptions of a temple; saturated with the blood of sacrificial victims, from birds to children, and other innocent tribes who were audacious enough to live on the land of the chosen people; laden with barbaric, nonsensical legislation touching everything from diet to fashion to sex; and generally exhibiting a burdensome concern for livestock and herding.”

“The New Testament is little better with its contradictory accounts of the life of a short-tempered, self-deluded preacher with aspirations for a kingship who was tortured and murdered by the ruling government. This recent addition to the ever evolving manuscript also brought us, as Christopher Hitchens so cuttingly pointed out, the idea of Hell: “It's only with gentle Jesus, meek and mild, that the idea of eternal torture for minor transgressions is introduced.”  Everyone should study the bible and discover this for themselves.” 

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Indeed, nothing brings people back to atheism faster than a comprehensive study of the Bible.

I wonder, however, why they're not fighting for students to also study other "holy books".  Or is the bill more about pushing religion than academics?

The bible will make you an atheist real fast - everyone read it and find the horrors within!


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