S.E. Cupp is not an atheist, shes something worse...A CHRISTIAN APOLOGIST!

I watched Bill Maher's REAL TIME last night 5/14 @10pm show last night....and somehow the conversation for close to the first 25 mins or so was actually about atheism and the delusional thinking that is CHRISTINSANITY. Bill Maher, being outgunned....I'd like to say held the fort down but honestly, he should have told the mayor of Newark to stop talking for 5 mins and set the record straight. But since the mayor is a christian, I can't fault him. However, this cunt-bag of a journalist had nerve to suggest that the "liberal media is attacking christianity". Now she's a conservative which in of itself is harmless, however she's a conservative that he gotten TV time, which makes her all the more dangerous in the public sphere of debate. I haven't seen an atheist kiss so much christian ass to sell a book in my life.


You think she would have come to Maher's aid last night, but she did not. She kept saying she did not understand this so called "militant atheism", but she never explained what that meant. And I haven't really seen to many atheists organizing and let's go burn down churches, and ban bibles etc IN PRIVATE LIVES. Just in government, which place it should not be.


But the comments she has made in the past with regard to Obama she has said "Obama delivered another slight to religious America when he became the first president in the history of the United States to mention atheists".


WTF is this??? She's not an atheist, she's emabarassed to be one. What she suggests is the same thing I've been in many documentaries about black struggles for civil rights...which is...KNOW YOUR PLACE. And that's pretty much what she is getting too, in her works. Yeah she does mention that she admires CHRISTIANS conviction, but my biggest problem is that she does not have the strength of her own convictions..and those of us who are fed up with that stay silent bullshit, she's pretty much saying that we should just STFU do not try to change anything and remain obscure and quiet in the background. Meanwhile that it is ok to go ahead and let CHRISTIANS run ramped say whatever mindless garbage that comes out of their mouths and have no counterbalance no matter how wacky or batshit their ideads are.


Atheists or so called atheists like her, are exactly the kind of people that bring us down and hold us back not only in this country but in other parts of the world either.

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"I like to think I adhere to the same Judeo-Christian values that most of religious America does. It's an understanding of and a respect for these values that keeps me moral." - S.E. Cupp

I would not be surprised if this was all an elaborate attempt to get that "former Atheist" street cred that people like Kirk Cameron like to flaunt so much.
You don't get street cred from your B.S. degree. That is, to say, she is full of shit and should be kept at bay like a wild animal.
From all I know about her, she should be described as an Opportunist more than anything
I have my doubts that she's an atheist. If she was, she'd be so self-loathing she'd be more likely to crawl under a rock, and she seems pretty confident.
I'd glady proclaim being an atheist....on national tv.....
I concur
Just saw the show on DVR this AM and if she's supposed to be an atheist, she's the lamest one I ever saw or heard. Oh, sure, she "gets the attraction" of believers, but she never really gave any serious expression to our side of the fence. Five bucks says Maher doesn't invite her back, any takers?
Saw the clip somewhere a day or two ago. I think the "street cred" mentioned by VSD above probably has some validity. Not to be all conspiracy theoryist or anything, but what came to mind while watching was the christian fables of deathbed conversions of atheists, "former atheist" speakers and writers et al. I can see a conversion down the road for this woman. Always good for book sales to the christian masses.
I saw that episode and I think she is a right wing conservative who can't quite get herself to believe in god. i think she wants to, she just can't. in the overtime section of maher's show, she asked bill why he was angry at god? wtf? an atheist would never make that silly statement. it assumes the existence of something to be mad at in the first place.

she's just found a way to make money by fawning over all the mistreated christians and stroking their liberally smeared fragile egos.
Oh, GET OUT! "Why is Bill Maher angry at god?!?" I hope his response was, "What god?" She's an atheist like I'm a phlogiston chemist!
If you're a phlogiston chemist I'd like to do a controlled, quasi-peer reviewed phrenology reading on your pate.




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