S.E. Cupp is not an atheist, shes something worse...A CHRISTIAN APOLOGIST!

I watched Bill Maher's REAL TIME last night 5/14 @10pm show last night....and somehow the conversation for close to the first 25 mins or so was actually about atheism and the delusional thinking that is CHRISTINSANITY. Bill Maher, being outgunned....I'd like to say held the fort down but honestly, he should have told the mayor of Newark to stop talking for 5 mins and set the record straight. But since the mayor is a christian, I can't fault him. However, this cunt-bag of a journalist had nerve to suggest that the "liberal media is attacking christianity". Now she's a conservative which in of itself is harmless, however she's a conservative that he gotten TV time, which makes her all the more dangerous in the public sphere of debate. I haven't seen an atheist kiss so much christian ass to sell a book in my life.


You think she would have come to Maher's aid last night, but she did not. She kept saying she did not understand this so called "militant atheism", but she never explained what that meant. And I haven't really seen to many atheists organizing and let's go burn down churches, and ban bibles etc IN PRIVATE LIVES. Just in government, which place it should not be.


But the comments she has made in the past with regard to Obama she has said "Obama delivered another slight to religious America when he became the first president in the history of the United States to mention atheists".


WTF is this??? She's not an atheist, she's emabarassed to be one. What she suggests is the same thing I've been in many documentaries about black struggles for civil rights...which is...KNOW YOUR PLACE. And that's pretty much what she is getting too, in her works. Yeah she does mention that she admires CHRISTIANS conviction, but my biggest problem is that she does not have the strength of her own convictions..and those of us who are fed up with that stay silent bullshit, she's pretty much saying that we should just STFU do not try to change anything and remain obscure and quiet in the background. Meanwhile that it is ok to go ahead and let CHRISTIANS run ramped say whatever mindless garbage that comes out of their mouths and have no counterbalance no matter how wacky or batshit their ideads are.


Atheists or so called atheists like her, are exactly the kind of people that bring us down and hold us back not only in this country but in other parts of the world either.

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But if my pate has a plate as a quirk of fate, how would that rate, mate?
Might throw a wrench into the works...bumpity, bumpity, smoooooth, bumpity, bumpity. Dang. Perhaps it's time for another career re-evaluation. My cousin says he knows of an opening for a "gong farmer", though I'm not sure what that entails.
I have a bridge in Brooklyn you might be interested in purchasing.
Cupp has stated, "I am open to being converted". That is not atheism.
She has said, refering to Obama, "This is a guy who’s very uncomfortable with public worship. He’s always elevating atheism to the level of Christianity and Judaism and Islam, and they’re not the same. They’re apples and oranges."
She doesn't believe atheists warrent the same regard as religionatas.
No atheist would be the font of christian vomitus that this woman spews. (Thought I'd try on a little of the hyperbole she uses in her writing.) And note...it's all christian. No defence of muslims, jews, hindus et al.

On the Maher show she used the expression, "Oh my God!"

In this media-ite interview Cupp defends "praying on big decisions".

And also....
Mediaite: "Do you think Obama meeting with Billy Graham done anything to quell concerns that Christian Americans have?""

Cupp: "No. He’s met with rabbis, he apparently gets private sermons up at Camp David. All of that is fine. Much is private and not for public consumption which is odd in and of itself. The fact of the matter is the president is continually elevating atheism to the status of other faiths when they have nothing to do with one another. He’s constantly trying to preach superiority of science over faith."

She thinks that much of Obama's religion being practiced in private and not in public an oddity. Very strange attitude for an atheist.

And again, she doesn't think atheists deserve as much recognition as believers. She then believes that she, herself, is substandard? I don't care how many times she says it. This woman is not an atheist. Saying it doesn't make it so.

Given your sneering attitude towards atheism, I wonder about you, too.
THANK YOU......I THOUGHT I was the only person who say that line of thinking in her responses. In the sum total she is full of shit.
My sentiments exactly. :)
So, in your exalted opinion, an atheist must not consider any evidence in support of a claim for the existence of a deity? And if that evidence be compelling, unambiguous, and irrefutable an atheist must reject and deny the truth of it?

By all means consider all the evidence they care to manufacture. I think there can be no evidence of the supernatural that is not, itself, of a supernatural agency. That evidence would require further evidence, etc., ad infinitum.

Should a manifestation of any of the proffered deities drop in for coffee, exhibiting any or all of the assigned anthropomorphic characteristics therein, or of a form not imagined to date, that is not evidence of the existence of a deity. It might be evidence, as is postulated in the case of Saul of Tarsus, of a grand mal seizure.

There can be no "truth" to deny. My atheism is the rejection of belief in deities. If you are open to being swayed by evidence, you are agnostic.

If you would be so kind as to deign an explanation of how atheism is the same as theism, you would have my most sincere and humble appreciation.

I didn't say they were the same. She complains that Obama is "elevating atheism to the level of Christianity and Judaism and Islam." She puts religion on a pedestal looking down on lowly atheism. Quite the opposite to my experience, and , I would hope, to any thinking atheist's.

I, and every atheist I know, make a point of not using religious vernacular of the possesive sort. Too bad Maher or Hannity hadn't sneezed.

In this media-ite interview Cupp defends "praying on big decisions".

No, she doesn't. Cupp is critiquing Matthew's statement.

Sorry, but I call, "But I would call it anti-Christian when you say of someone like Sarah Palin or Michael Steele that praying on big decisions is dangerous" as defending the christian position of praying on big decisions.

And again, Cupp is a conservative. Please do try not to confuse differences in recognition with differences in respect. They are different concepts. Recognition can differ between classes whilst still maintaining equal respect towards those classes.

So she could as well say, "the president is continually elevating blacks to the status of whites when they have nothing to do with one another" and that would showing equal respect? Not in my book. And no, I possess neither of your imaginary volumes.

Atheist: someone without a belief in deities.
Cupp: someone who says she is without a belief in deities for now, but exhibits a strong affinity for christianity.

Of course you're right. Atheism has no creed or dogma. Niether does it have the warm fuzzies for christianity.
I like that "I'm not fortunate enough" crap ... like he's kissing up to the Religious Reich that he KNOWS he depends on to keep his minions in power. About as charming as week-old dog poop.
I saw her on Bill Maher as well, and she is DEFINITELY not an Atheist. If she really is an Atheist, she's the dumbest one I've ever seen, anywhere.

She's definitely a Christian, or very near to converting into Christianity. Seriously, a real atheist should get on television and apologise for her, claiming that she is not one of us, since she is clearly a level 2 or 3 agnostic, which is basically Christian.
Being an atheist is not about conforming to dogma, however when you don't even have the balls to defend your own intellectual position, it gives an indication you're really not an ATHEIST. Sorry folks. There has to be a line. Yes I think every honest ATHEIST is open to new evidence should it present itself, however this chick is constantly yearning in the gleam that is CHRISTINSANITY and it's making me see-sick. If you don't have the convicition to deal with your own intellectual honesty, that say what you really are....AN APOLOGETIC AGNOSTIC at best. If it talks like a christian, smells like a christian, RUN because the muslims are going to kill it.

I agree that atheism only requires a lack of belief in gods. However, that one little question of hers to Bill Maher "Bill, why are you so angry at god?" spoke volumes. She didn't ask why he was so angry with religion or Christianity, rather with an entity she herself claims not to believe in.

I have found most people that lean right, even atheists, do seem to support traditions and the status quo much more than liberals. Religion is all about tradition and the status quo. Hence, conservative atheists are much more likely to defend the existing religion in power.
I think Cupp might be an atheist. Yes, she panders heavily to the Christian side of things, but really the only requirement to be an atheist is if you answer the question "Is there a god" with anything but "yes." No atheist should ever be closed to being converted. Saying "I'm open to be converted" is not saying "I think Christianity is correct but they hadn't made an airtight case for me yet." It just means that you are open to new evidence and willing to change if that evidence is convincing.

One thing is clear though: Cupp HATES being an atheist. She is ASHAMED of what she is and calls everyone who doesn't share her feelings "militant." HOW DARE we who don't follow a religion demand that we be treated fairly? HOW DARE WE demand that the constitutional principle of separation of church and state be upheld?

It could be that this is a simple case of Cupp making a mistake on her definition. All in all, her shtick is just FAR too convenient for the militant right-wing (who actually are militant, by the way, unlike atheists) talking head industry. Her rhetoric has all the hints of being manufactured for a specific purpose. It reminds me of the iconic American soldier captured by terrorists, reading an anti-american screed on Al-Jazeera with an AK-47 pointed to his head. For all we know, he might actually mean every single word he's saying, but all of the indications point otherwise.

Bottom-line: don't be surprised if we see Cupp officially convert to Christianity in the next few years.




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