Am I missing something?

Is there a seach  or query function in Atheist Nexus?

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There used to be in the right-hand column of most A|N pages, but it's long since vanished.  However, if you want to search Atheist Nexus for specific content, you can use the following search string on Google: <search string>

As with ordinary searches, you can surround part or all the string with double-quotes to search on specific phrases.  I've used it many times and it works great.


I messed around with XML and other coding stuff here and there - not enought to remember it though. 

I sent Brother Richard and email asking if he would add a search box for the group.

I wanted to find a post I submitted ~four years ago about a Fox that gave birth under the deck in my back yard.  Maybe I posted it on another site.

Using your suggestion I found my post on Atheist Universe.

Thanks for your help.


That search function on A/N never worked for me, so I always used Google.

There was a time years ago when it did work, and then after some alterations in the general page layout, it quit working.  It was around that time that I learned the Google trick.




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