Is religion at the bottom of this ? My opinion is yes. This is scary stuff. Will religion destroy us all before it evolves out of existence in the coming generations ?

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This is hardly news, Anthony.  The whole fooforaw when you boil it down has been about Judaism vs. Islam from Letter A and the fact that Israel is surrounded by muslims, a truly charming circumstance if ever I saw one [/sarcasm].  So long as they are married to their beliefs, this noise will continue to go on.

I suspect this is the closest thing to perpetual motion that man will ever come to.

Right you are.  And these two would destroy the world if they could if they were  if they faced extinction.  You can count on that.

Oh, religion's behind it, alright - but it's all just used as an excuse for Ashkenazim jews to pretend they're semites so they can steal more land&water.  Mainly because the previous Israeli lies and propaganda about chemical weapons use was exposed:

And where did the Syrian "rebels" get that sarin gas?  That would be ... Israel?  So then Israel could 'leak' the lie about Sarin being used - by guv'mint forces?  It is all SO obvious.  Just more Weapons-of-Mass-Destruction bullshit fed to our media who trumpet ANY-thing the Israelis push.  Then, inevitably, when it's discovered there were no WMDs?  The zionist media goes silent and resumes reports about Lindsey Lohan's new hairdresser.  Of course you won't read anything about this exposure of Israeli lies & propaganda in Western media because of zionist-controlled meme ...

Israel:  GOOOOD

Arabs:  BAAAAD

How many times have you heard our media repeat the mnemonic theme-line: "Israel's right to defend itself" for the last two days since the first airstrike?  I'll bet a LexisNexis search would reveal hundreds.  The exact same line, repeated over & over.  That's propaganda, folks.

And the airstrikes?  Just an excuse to buck-up the morale of the Israeli terrorists in Syria.

One basic fact:  Jewish religious writing contains more explicitly violent hatred against other groups than any other religion.  Period.  It is not improper or bigoted to point out the direct connection between Jewish religious writing and Israeli state violence, particularly as the connection is becoming more & more dangerous.

The airstrikes are reckless war crimes carried out by a desperate military theocracy that's losing support, both locally & internationally.  This is yet another Netanyahu wag-the-dog, Falkland's war.  Israel has, again, used it's overwhelming U.S. supplied military power to kill innocents who posed no threat to it.  Anyone who says that Israel is under any sort of military threat, considering the overwhelming advantage it has, is delusional.

Any theocracy, whether Jewish, Christian, or Islamic, is bad. But it all did get started by the Hebrew Torah and Tanakh.

There's no doubt religion is a facet of the latest crowd pleasing, ratings raising drama. Whether or not you agree with the past behavior of Israel, or even it's existence, they have current, real-time concerns that extend beyond religion. Their security is threatened by Hezbollah (why the heck do I capitalize that?) in southern Lebanon and elsewhere. My understanding is that hezbollah (that felt a bit better) is supporting the Syrian regime. Please correct me if I've misremembered that fact. Syria has provided weapons in the past to support Fatah (#%&) and hezbollah in the past so they're right up there as a considerable threat to Israel.

What I don't understand is why Israel has acted on the current situation. What outcome is expected that is in their favor? The opposition militants in Syria can't be considered the "good guys" in my estimation. I can only believe they are either operating with intelligence of which we're unaware -or- hoping if they support the winner they'll at least have a chance of negotiating better relations with a post-Assad Syria. Even if those negotiations only produce terms slightly better it would be worth it. This may have more to do with attempts to damage hezbollah and undermine the efforts of Iran than anything else.

I never thought I'd see the day when I heard a reporter say Israel was supporting Muslim militants. I came across that in an article I read the other day. I'm guessing this is not a true alliance, more like a merging of efforts towards an momentary common goal. Such a weak bind cannot be considered an alliance.

What bothers me is that the average Israeli citizen and his government supports right-wing fundamentalist anti-secular politicians here in the USA.  A poll before the last election showed that Israelis favored Mitt Romney over Obama by 65% to 35%.  So I'm thinking that the Israelis want us to support their security and right to exist but don't care at all about my supporting our right as atheists to survive here in the USA, and in fact are supporting the very group that would gladly get rid of all secularists. Fortunately that is not true of Jews in the US where the support for Obama over Romney was a 70% to 30%.

keyword 'generations' indeed when those that are say 70's die...
then it'll get real interesting w/less faithbased rip off crap imho

((((((rumors))))) all about the mass media rumors.. no street smarts that's the bull!


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