Shrinking the government has long been a Libertarian goal.

The Party’s candidates win few votes so the Electoral College gave us a president who is temperamentally a Libertarian. What is the Party doing wrong?

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They should throw the bum out, Tom. I'm a card carrying Libertarian but I never vote that way because they are not going to win. The last 2 years has shown me without a doubt that I will never ever vote Republican again. Those who think they are fighting Socialism and Communism today are fighting the late 1940's variety. I see many ideas of the Democratic Socialists in the Dem party today, and I see them as correct. 

One thing wrong right now is too many coming out as running for president. All this will do is shew Trump back in again in 2020. One person in the running that I could take seriously is Kamala Harris. 

My answer to what is the GOP doing wrong is that their true constituents have become the super wealthy and corporations, not actual Republican human constituents. It's what Noam Chomsky's been saying. When Newt Gingrich convinced the party to put dollars raised by candidates above any other considerations, the deal was sealed.

The Republican party has become the most neoliberal party, and the ethics are all wrong.
Neoliberalism is the belief that money and market forces are next to God in determining everything.

Essentially people don't matter, corporations matter and if it is good for corporations and the monetary market it is good for the nation.

This comes from the philosophies of Ayn Rand, Thomas Sowell, Milton Friedman, Friedrich Hayek, Ludwig von Mises and Ron Paul.

Some blame Adam Smith, but Adam Smith was for regulation which the others are against.

Essentially if a land is rich in resources, it should be mined, regardless of the environmental considerations.

Because markets and money are everything.

This is why Trumpty Dumbty is rolling back environmental protections, dividing public land up for commercial use and tax cuts for corporations are of utmost importance.

Both parties are dominated by neoliberals ( Dems Old Guard) as Obama and Clintons were pushing neoliberal policies.
Hilary would have been no better than Trumpty Dumbty.

The new wave of Dems are fighting Neoliberalism as they should.

There is hope for America yet, but only if the progressive dems take the field in 2020.  ;-) 





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