Hello Friends!

I am writing a book on consciousness and freethought and would like to have a section of quotes or comments from you. Not the writing from other authors BUT your your own personal thoughts and experiences. Subject matter can be anything for the most part like:

  • Why you are atheist?
  • Why religion is destructive?
  • How you are involved in the freethought movement at the grassroots level.
  • Why the god concept is destructive?
  • Personal experience of seeing religion or the god idea break families apart
  • Your thoughts on spiritual atheism (does this make sense to you or an oxymoron)
  • Difficulties in coming out as an atheist - your journey, etc.
  • anything else....

Please keep it clean in order for it to have the potential of being published. Also include your full name, current city and state, and email. Also please indicate if we may put your name next to your text or if you wish to remain anonymous.

Thanks so much!

Charles T. Rentz

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