Several of the SECULAR Center’s ( supporters in Houston have asked about volunteering at a nursing home or senior center. Today I called a nursing home in the Westchase area to ask about volunteer opportunities. The volunteer director I spoke with, a woman, asked about our group. I told her that we were a group of non-theists who volunteer at different locations around Houston. She commented to me that most of the people at her nursing home were Christians.

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Noelle Dildine, President
"Godless for Good"

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I do not distrust all Atheists, but I am sometimes weary of Atheists who merely want to advance the "Cause" by playing the Victim Card.

I am sure your group are fine people, and can put themselves to many good uses in the community, but potentially irritating Christians who have one foot in the grave already in a quasi political campaign is in my own personal opinion not a very useful purpose.

If you want to get in there why not put an advert in the paper offering the services of your Atheist Group to whichever residents would like to have you in. If some Christian resident would like to engage you in philosophical debate or just play checkers with you then just go there on that request, but leave any propagandizing agenda outside the door.

I guess the comparison to allowing a group of Evangelizing Christians into an Atheist seniors care facility carried no water with you. No doubt you or I or Dawkins would just love to potentially hear all that religious drivel as we sip our evening meal through a straw and have our diapers changed. Great fun for all involved.

Hey give me the email address of that Care Home will you. I would like to ask them some questions about why they refused your group. I may learn something of use to you, and will be sure to pass on any info I get from them which may help your group in the future.
Well actually Noelle said that the Christian home-care facility discriminates against just about every other religious group as well, so Atheists are just lumped in with all the other rejects as far as the Facility is concerned.
"The primary benefits that we receive out of volunteering are purely personal, and a secondary benefit is that we could potentially change society's views about Atheists. Just because we are Atheists does not mean we proselytize to everyone we meet. There are definitely appropriate and inappropriate situations for this and obviously a nursing home is not an appropriate venue for arguing with someone about their beliefs."

I did some volunteer work at a food bank run by an evangelical church. I didn't have the nerve to tell them I was an atheist for fear they wouldn't let me work. I volunteered there for a year and a half until they decided they couldn't convert me to evangelical Christianity and booted me out anyway.

I think yours is an idea whose time has come. A lot of atheists want to give back something to make the community they live in better and it sure wouldn't hurt if we could do it openly and as who we are.
I'm in Houston and have been looking for a group of fellow nontheists. Does your group hold any kind of meetings or other activities that I could get involved in?
Absolutely. Go to the website and check out our calendar. There are several other groups that meet. Feel free to email me at for more information about them.


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