Do any of you know of any? I've been looking around on Google, and have come up empty handed. I think that having one would be a great way to get more women to become more active in the community by having a "safe" environment.

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Agreed. But for now, A|N has a total of four groups touching on these issues, it's up to you to seek which one you feel is most compatible to your ideas. But be forewarned... for many people, a female merely looking for a "safe" place from males (or have been males) is considered an insult. Even the word "safe" is considered an insult to the MRM.

Its an insult to females, because it suggests that they are threatened and unable to cope with people who disagree with them.  Its the same as saying "Is there any place we can go where we can make false statements without being challenged?"

If women bemoan the fact that they are underrepresented in secular discourse, then the answer is for them to be prepared to defend their ideas in an environment of spirited debate, not to run away and blame the "patriarchy" for picking on them.

We have female-only groups that would fit TNT's requirement for a place safe from males.  I just don't feel that a feminist group is automatically that sort of place.

I've seen so many varieties of feminism.  Some push for protection of 'weaker' women from male aggression, while other groups say that protecting 'weaker' women from male aggression weakens women as a whole.  They both call themselves feminists.  How do you sort it all out?

Oh FFS! It's not about "weaker" women! It's about women tired of wasting time dealing with a-holes.
Oh, you mean people who resort to name-calling in place of rhetoric.
Yes, I can think of someone who meets that description.

TNT666: "It's not about "weaker" women!"


As far as I know feminism is about empowering women because of (patriarchal) structures that weaken the position of women in society. As such feminism is about the protection of "weaker" women, but it does not describe an intrinsic weakness in women. 


Joseph P: "How do you sort it all out?"


Tough question, by some people's standard I'm not a feminist, by others I'm a feminism ally/supporter, but to me I am a feminist. It all depends on which definition you would use, I'm sure that some self described feminists might even be classified as misogynist by others. 

I guess nobody knows how to sort it out.

I find it amusing that I am repeatedly called a troll and told to shut up by female forum participants who complain about male hostility.

Well TByte, I don't think that you're a troll. You are definitely a gadfly though, as you continuously crawl under people's skin. Some people might be upset, others might enjoy a bit of fresh air from time to time.


-edit- not meant at all as criticism, I personally tend to appreciate your input. - edit -

The people on this forum are not all tech-savvy and don't truly understand what a forum troll is. So they just use it as a form of name calling. I consider that pretty childish behavior, so it doesn't bother me.

 As far as "safe" goes, I was referring to the idea of having a place where we don't have to worry about unwelcome advances, insensitive treatment of women/women's issues, or some guy (in denial) showing up to tell us we have it all wrong. I mean really, the last one is like a straight person showing up at a gay rights group in order to shout over all of their ideas. :/That's just plain nasty, and it surely wouldn't be tolerated in person.


Anyways I thought I'd come here to get an idea about general interest in such a thing. I tend not to post too much on A/N these days because I feel that, while most of the community is enjoyable to talk too, I tend to get caught up arguing with the nasty few.

Well, he's flat-out said that he's not a feminist.  He's an equalist.


I find it easier to ignore the few nasty ones.  Besides, baiting the Communists and Libertarians can be fun, at times.  They provide good material for my standup.  Ranting about the dogmatic atheists provides a nice counterpoint to my rants about religion.

That doesn't make it any less nasty, or troll-ish. If anything it sets off more red flags.


One thing I can see from this exchange, is that while I'd hoped that going the feminist route(in order to be more inclusive of men) would be a good idea, I don't know that it would work. Maybe trying to just attract women would be a better idea.


Thanks for your insight everyone.




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