I love the Christian argument from morality. 

Why? You may ask.

Because it is a classic Argument From Ignorance Fallacy!

Total ignorance of their own and real history.

They keep forgetting that their primary scriptural source is extremely immoral , with most of the immoral passages recently ignored, thanks to the advent of secular humanism.

For the first thousand years of existence, Christianity was extremely immoral, as they followed the Old Testament stoning of homosexuals, abuse and trading of slaves, burning of witches, murdering of infidels and wilful destruction of all knowledge that did not agree with their scriptures (Buybull).

Essentially, Christianity at the time or as it was once called Christendom, was essentially no better than currently displayed ISIS morality.

It wasn't until Christianity/Christendom, felt the threat from reformers and sensed that time were changing, as more free-thinkers and deists (like the American Founding Fathers) in countries like France, were starting to have a major influence in Western thought.

It was actually free thinkers in Sweden and Eastern Europe, who started to push for the abolishment of slavery by convincing many people that slavery was barbaric and wrong, though the Christians wrongly point to the Quakers as the first to attempt to stop slave trading, in the 18th Century, but it was the Swedish Monarchy who were pushing against slavery in the 16th Century which influenced King Charles I of Spain to pass laws prohibiting trading of slaves. Though I will grant that the Quakers made the biggest push against it, though this like all changes in Christian morality, was trying to stay ahead of the trend towards secular humanism which was only beginning to show influence.  As the Quakers at the time, also had slaves themselves, being Christian and all. 

Though burning of witches, and execution of heretics/infidels, did not disappear until the 19th Century and even into the 20th Century with Christian sects like the Klu Klux Klan.

As only 1000 years ago, the entire BuyBull was considered as god's truth and literally interpreted and followed as if it was the only law book.

As human morality improved, through the evolution of secular humanism, critics of Christianity and even Christians themselves, awoke to the gross immorality of most of the Buybull, and started the slow process of declaring the immoral passages as metaphorical/allegorical.

By the turn of the 20th Century, most of the Old Testament which was once held as literal absolute truth, had become metaphorical.

Christians started ignoring the Old Testament and concentrating solely on the teachings of Jesus Christ in the 21st Century unlike previous centuries.  This was to compete with Secular Humanism, as Secular Humanism was starting to win the race for the moral high ground.

Christians have to get rid of the Old Testament, to compete with humanism, but, their difficulty is that Jesus Christ told them to obey the Old Testament, which is immoral, and even some of Jesus's teachings concerning family values and his sermon on the mount are not that moral, so they are fighting a losing race for the moral high ground against humanism.

Even more of their Buybull is being declared as metaphorical in the 21st Century, especially the passages which mention homosexuality and abortion (you know, the one where the man who punched the woman and caused premature birth, who only had to pay a fine).

Though Christian groups disagree on both, some still cling to homosexuals need to be stoned to death, while others claim those passages as metaphorical and god accepts homosexuals.

Sort of trying to have it both ways from the very same book, stupid isn't it?

If it wasn't for Secular Humanism, Christianity would still be extremely immoral.

So, we know very well where Morality originated, Social Evolution, the source of Secular Humanism, and in fact, all morality, human and animal.

Morality certainly never, ever originated from any god, as that appears to be the source of Christian immorality, which is still raising its very ugly head, as the Christian morality arose from the same source as ISIS morality, The Old Testament.

Don't you agree????

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Let's keep in mind, JC is the same guy who:

  • Said, make no plan for the morrow, 'cuz god'll take care of ya.
  • Also said hate your mother-father-sister-brother if you want to follow me.
  • Cursed a fig tree for not having a snack for him out of season.
  • Said the only way to heaven is through him.
  • Wanted anyone who would not be ruled by him to be slain in front of him.

It's rather frightening that it took the better part of 2,000 years to see through this pack of crap and for those of a more secular POV to face down the believers and say, "Enough is ENOUGH!"

The christian claim to morality is specious, inconsistent, and fails to reflect real-world reality at best.  At worst, it's nightmarish and utterly irresponsible.

Yes, that is why I made the point that the teachings of Jesus, themselves were not that moral.

Christians are on the losing team in the race for the moral high ground.

Everything is against them. Both the O.T. and N.T are sources of immorality.

As they stuck to 2000 year old scripture that is too naive to be moralistic.

It's entirely their own fault.

Aye M8!

Then even today the History Channel has the balls to include bible stuff all the time. Wake up! The bible is not history.

Sadly, the History Channel is a joke which isn't very funny.  If they're not doing the bible, they're doing Nostradamus or some other suchlike crap.  I avoid it insofar as it's possible.

Morality is still evolving, just like this blog.

Yet, Christianity and even Islam are continually trying to take us back to the ancient days of extreme immorality.

I don't bother with the History Channel, it is just a label to make people think real history exists on it.

I prefer the British ABC which shows such genuine historical documentaries as Israel Finkelstein's "The Bible Unearthed" and those from such greats as David Attenborough.

Their Bible History expert is an Atheist.

It seems that the best Biblical historians are atheists, because we atheists are more likely to have an unbiased view of history.

Channels with a religious contribution, like the History Channel, are unlikely to cover history without bias.

Surveys show that atheists in general, know more about religion than the vast majority of those within the respective religions.

Dog, you are 100% correct here. Meanwhile, my boss is getting ready to pass out Easter cards and I don't mean the kind with a rabbit on them.

Morality evolves.

Easter cards??!!?

Never seen them in my life, Michael, didn't even know such cards existed until your comment.

Something not practised in Australia, ever.

You must really be is a sick region.


Don't envy you at all.

I've just been through my late mother's collection of cards, volumes and volumes of Christmas, greeting, condolence, invitations and acceptance cards, she kept every card my family ever received and not one Easter card exists in that collection.

My mother was a devout Catholic until my father finally got her to stop going to church, which us children were glad of, because church was so boring and the Sunday school stories were so stupid.

I saw him getting his religious Easter cards ready, and we live in Missouri which is mid America on the map. They make a triumphant religious thing out of it. I think it could be a bloody zombie thing.

Also, I warn people about Easter these days saying I hope that rabbit doesn't see his shadow.

Bunnies, eggs, & candy, was mostly what it was about in my mormon community.  They did have an easter service at church, but there were no easter cards sent, and nothing extra religious about the day, except for church.

Dyslexic's DOG, I agree with you, Abrahamic faiths, based on domination, reveal underlying principles that an angry, vengeful, mean-spirited god hangs over us with promises of heaven and threats of hell. Under god exists man, male, who has dominion over everything. Under him and responsible to him is female, with the mark of pain and suffering her lot in life. Under father/mother come children, often used as unpaid labor force. 

Yes,Joan, the Buybull is extremely misogynistic and children cannot think for themselves, kill them if they are disobedient.

Even Jesus verbally attacked the Jews for not killing disobedient children, so Jesus was no better.

Though Christians nowadays say Jesus was only showing them their hypocrisy and really didn't want them to kill disobedient children.

Yet, when I was at Sunday school, the teaching was that Jesus really meant that they should be killing disobedient children.

Funny how Christianity can change its tune in 50 years to keep itself looking sane.

When in fact it is entirely insane.

Christianity is totally insane. Nobody knows nothing about heaven but they claim they do. Jesus said "I go to prepare a place for you." If he meant heaven I'm shocked that it wasn't prepared already. If he was building us "mansions in heaven" I would ask why there was nothing before. It seems like this make believe place has make believe streets and houses.


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