Secular Humanists in Crisis - Chaplain Services Monopoly of the “Spiritual Counseling” Arena

Friends of Freethought, 

For my first post in this group, which I am most glad to have found, I present to you a call to action release that is being supported and distributed by the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Science and Reason, the Stiefel Freethought Foundation, the Secular Student Alliance, and the Ethical Society of St. Louis. 

I ask that you read it with an open heart, consider the current crisis care in place, and welcome your suggestions, as well as your desire to get involved and offer your resources and expertise. Change must come, sooner rather than later, to the mental health care and chaplain crisis services industry.

Sincerest regards,

Nikki Moungo

(Sorry for any double postings, trying to cover all the bases) 

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Nikki, I am very sorry for your loss, and I do see the situation here. I'm not sure that I have answers that you would need on this, but I urge you to contact Brother Richard, the administrator of this site. He might have some information that could help others in the future for this type of crisis. Certainly something should be done.

Recently about 5 months ago i lost my cousin, we weren't really close because we didn't know one another all that well. I fought myself from allowing my emotions to make me religious again. it was a hard experience but one i know i had to deal with. So yes i think there should be a service for this too bad i can't get something like this in Canada for myself when the day comes.

I agree, Nikki. I have never thought about going back to theism at any time, - times of grief included. Once you have seen behind the curtain you cannot believe in the Wizard of Oz any longer.

Thank you for sharing Nikki. I sent you a more detailed email with my condolences.

In another forum, I discussed becoming an "atheist preacher" when some JWs came a-knockin' one day, and I was growing frustrated at how WE need to be saving THEM.

The mother/daughter team was disconcerting- as Jehovah's Witnesses, the mom would be in a position to refuse a blood transfusion on the daughter's behalf. Atheists are LITERALLY in a position to save religious people!!

Next time they come around, I feel compelled as a compassionate human being to invite them in and attempt to deconvert THEM before they kill themselves or their family members.

Sorry for the tangent- my cousin, who was the officiant at our wedding, had to become ordained as a "spiritual humanist." He couldn't become a chaplain unless he went through a "spiritual" church of some kind, and that was the most secular one he could find, something like that.

My sister (we were raised Irish Catholic) made a remark about how her husband's cat was ordained through the same church (online). I shot back, "I'd MUCH rather be married by a cat, than a catholic priest." Her husband chuckled and said, "That would be the most adorable wedding ever!"




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