I'm going to be singing at a Christmas party - a work party, basically.  My boss thinks I have a good voice so I got roped into performing for the clients. (The clients being kindergarteners and their parents, haha...)

Anyone have suggestions for secular-ish holiday songs?  I say -ish because I wouldn't mind singing something that had the word "Christmas" in it, for example "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas".  Referring to cultural practices like gift-giving, decorating, that sort of thing.  Songs about winter would be great too, provided they're not too depressing.

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Any traditional songs of the season would be OK unless you have religious references in there like "away in a manger, etc." If someone requested that one just say you don't know it. Christmas songs are bogus anyway because December 25th has changed around so much in the last 2000 years or more. The point is, when religion highjacks the season it becomes bad. Everything else should be joyous and good. Santa Claus, for example, is not the son of god and taking away the sins of the whole world. Today he's just a jolly old fat man in a red suit and has flying reindeer. These things and sleigh rides can be sung about with no mark of conscience because they are only real at Christmas time. Once you put religion in with all this it is the lie that they want you to think is real all the time. The theist world does not want to force Santa Claus into your public schools or have laws changed because of him. So, you can be secular and still sing at Christmas.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
It's the most wonderful time of the year
Little toy trains (Nana Mouskouri)
I'll be home for Christmas
Let it snow
Celtic Christmas (Ding dong merrily on high)
Must be Santa
We wish you a merry Christmas

What's This, from the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas.

I don't suppose you can find, and learn, a "Happy Saturnalia" song.  There are the "Grandma got run over by a reindeer," or "I saw mama kissing Santa Claus," or the ones like that.  They're pretty awful, but they do avoid religion.  My wife's kids' chorus liked them.




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