Secular News: "Religious Countries Are the Most Corrupt"


"Using standard assessments of national corruption, Hamid Yeganeh & Daniel Sauers of Winona State University, USA, have found that countries with the most religious people also have the highest levels of corruption"

Brief article.  The concluding quote,

"Considering the variety of corruption measures, the reliability of data, and the large number of included countries, we have to conclude that religiosity not only does not impede corruption but tends to promote it… Based on the above-mentioned arguments, we may conclude that while religiosity provides guidance on morality, some of its characteristics practically promote corrupt business behavior"

I think we all knew this.  We see so much hypocrisy in religious and religious-political "leaders".  In the US, states where religion rules are also states with more violence, poverty, and other social problems.  Religion, like STDs, is the gift that keeps on giving, and not in a good way.

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Of course religion promotes corruption. This is because the religious can be forgiven!

Take the bizarre mythical story of a man who killed his best friend, old Charlie, and he killed him for money. It's hard for normal people to live with themselves without some sort of rationalization. Now our murderer has prayed to god and he is forgiven. He knows that old Charlie forgives him too. Old Charlie is in a better place now, and he's up there in heaven looking down at him. WTF!

It isn't normal or rational but it's OK thinking for the religious.

Yes!  Let's see -- what were those lyrics? 

Go ahead and hate your neighbor.

Go ahead and cheat a friend.

Do it in the name of Heaven.

You can justify it in the end.

I'm careful when doing business with religious people because anyone willing to lie to themselves likely won't hesitate to lie to me.  And I think that so-called 'moderate' religionists are overall more harmful than fundamentalists or the extremists who kill doctors or fly airplanes into buildings. As the mainstream majority they provide a broad foundation for denial of reality and personal accountability.  When a society accepts and makes a virtue of believing things without reason, it can reasonably be expected that its social complexion will be irrational.


Brilliantly put, Ted - BRAVO!

Thanks Loren -- that means a lot coming from you, who I consider one of the brightest lights here.

Ditto from me!

I do avoid businesses that have a jesus fish on their ad.  I'm not avoiding them because they are christian, but because the symbol expresses a desire to discriminate.  It says "I'm christian, so for that reason hire me".  Maybe they think it shows they are more honest, which we know is not true, and is also a prejudicial sentiment.

When I rebuild the kitchen, the bags of spackling compound had a jesus fish displayed on them.  I thought, what the fuck!  Jesus spackle?  I already bought it, so now my drywall contains jesus, I guess 

Halleluiah! The image of His presence will surely appear on your wall some time after the paint dries and the lighting is just right and sufficient wine has been consumed.  I have a few of those chrome fish on the back of my Jeep, strung on a chrome chain.

And I agree that presentation of religious code is a prejudicial statement.  But I think that it's not necessarily understood as such by the presenters who probably are just trying to appeal to their chosen group, and not thinking much about those outside it.  My Christian friends are not Westboro Church types, and generally aren't obsessed with perceived enemies outside their group.  Rather, they are concerned with their status within their group, as are most all of us social critters.

Religiosity seems largely about adoration of authority, and when a charismatic authoritarian leader like Fred Phelps or Jim Jones or Joseph Smith or Jesus H.W. Christ gets foothold, the flock often does things and holds attitudes that they imagine are of their own invention but are really just an appeal to be accepted.


Let's hope Jesus never appears on the wall!

I can see your point about adoration of authority.  That plays a lot into the culture wars.  I suspect  it's a chicken/egg conundrum, does the adoration of authority promote christian conservatism, or does christian conservatism promote adoration of authority.  chicken -> egg -> chicken -> egg -> chicken.....  

Of course, one can substitute conservative Jew, Muslim, or maybe Hindu or Zoroastrian for christian in that concept.  Not to mention, whatever the Aztecs called their religion as they dragged their victims lunches enemy soldiers examples to society to submit to authority reverential sacrifices up the pyramid to have their hearts cut out prior to the barbecue

Accept evolution and you accept that critters other than chickens hatched from eggs.

Therefore eggs preceded chickens.

Probably by a few millions of years.


Jeez, I missed another opportunity to laugh. 

Now that is freakin' funny booklover........get that fish some help! LOL!

I laughed also Mindy, but just now because I only now discovered this subject.  : )




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