SEE! This is what can happen if you don't give your child a good Christian upbringing!!

The kid was drunk and carousing around the streets late at night, and oh so young!!

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Broken link!
Oh dang it! Story is this kid got up in the middle of the night (four years old, you understand), grabbed a beer out of the fridge and headed out the door! He walked into the living room of a house with an unlocked front door and started helping himself to the Christmas presents! He opened one present and it had a little girl's dress in it so he promptly put it on and headed out again!! So, his mother wakes up and finding him gone goes into a panic, the cops find him in the middle of the street doing his drag queen routine and half the beer in down his gullet! Oh, the joys of having children!
Looks so much like a hoax, it must be true!
I'm sure it was true. It's just the kind of thing a four year old would do.
Lets see if this worked

Thank you Tedster.




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