Selective about Charitable Giving: If "we" are selective, should we blame "them"

When I watched the video below, I thought, "It wouldn't surprise me. Those evil Christians". In fact, even though the video is from "the Onion", churches do mix charitible giving with proselytizing.

On the other hand, I did say I wouldn't give to the Salvation Army, due to the religions basis. Also, Boy Scouts, for their homophobia, Catholic children's charities for their Catholicism, etc. Hypocracy?

If I am selective, can I blame "them" for being selective?

p.s. A big "congrats" to Rick Warren at Saddleback for raking in 2.4 million bucks, when he only pleaded for 900,000. Well, he DID say that he changed his mind, and Uganda shouldn't kill all the gays.

Christian Charity Raising Money To Feed Non-Gay Famine Victims

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Yes, we can blame 'them'. There seems to be a drive towards trying to be fair to everyone right now at the cost of honesty.
BTW, My apologies if this sounds a bit ranty, but I must strongly disagree. Please accept that my anger is at those who do this garbage, not at our members.
The difference is in the why. As far as I know secular, or even atheist, organizations do not proselytize or make gifts contingent on the recipients following a particular way of life or morality. When selectiveness is explicitly meant to ensure that there is no reason for anyone to be excluded or made to feel unworthy, then caring is clearly the reason for the bias.
The opposite end of the spectrum is this. Such entities, and all ideologues who support it, are repugnant. Giving this way hateful and selfish. It uses peoples needs to create the option, believe what we do and live as we say you should or you will get nothing from us. What does this do to a person who is so desperate that they must scrape and pretend to such arrogantly ignorant fools just to have basic needs met? What does it tell families to see their parent or partner in such a position?
It puts a wedge between members of a community and denigrates humans for the sake of piety.
*I'm not saying all religious charities do this, but making a statement regarding those that do.




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