Self-help, self-esteem books that don't reference religion or spirituality?

I have been searching for some good self-help books, in particular ones focusing on self-esteem, trusting myself, and not being so easily pursuaded by people.


The trouble is that most of self-help books reference "the divine" "spirituality" "connecting to god" "trusting a higher power" or they talk about the soul ad nauseum. 


This negative self-worth comes partly from the religious upbringing I had, so having an author push me back to that path is not only annoying, it's self-defeating. 


The rational part of me knows I am an ethical person who has a lot of offer, but I just need a little help overcoming the negative self-talk.


I'm frustrated that anyone seeking any type of emotional healing is usually pushed towards a "spiritual healing."  


I do have a therapist who is great but does not know what books to recommend.

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Don't Sweat the Small Stuff... and it's all small stuff
By Richard Carlson, PH.D.
This book is an easy read, a great coffee table book and stays away from woo as far as I remember.

Some self-help tidbits a la Jake:

There is only self-help when it comes to your mental state. Advice is good but you have to do something eventually and that is all on you.

Rock Bottom as a state of being does exist. If you find yourself in this state, then you are on your way up.

Practice makes perfect.

You can exercise your emotions. Use it or lose it applies here.

When you find that you are tired of feeling like crap; smile, you're done.

Hope any of that helps.




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