Sen. Harry Reid, Like Obama, "Evolves" & Supports Marriage Equality

News media are reporting that Sen. Harry Reid, the majority leader, has changed his position on marriage equality.  A devout Mormon, Reid has come out (you should pardon the expression) in favor of legalizing same sex marriage.  This surprised me, since, when I met him in the 70s, he was a nice guy but very straight-laced (pun intended).  Also, his church spent lots of money -- and there is a good documentary about it on DVD -- funding the Prop 8 fight in California.  Too chickens**t to do it as Mormons, they found front groups like Tony Perkins' outfit to spend Mormon money on the propaganda.  Mormons probably dissed miscegenate marriage when that was coming up to the SCOTUS in the last century.  I understand that they've made amends for that.

Now they should embrace all of the gay and lesbian Mormons, though the same documentary shows how Brigham Young University actually persuaded students to out their classmates whom they thought gay.  Then they humiliated and even tortured them once it happened.  It was like McCarthyism.  "Are you now or have you ever been a homosexual?"  The answer for some might have been, "Yeah, I was, you know, but I am not now."  Leopard changing his stripes.  The ability to cite dogma in books like the Buy Bull and the Book of Moron creates a quandary for the religious bigots: either their God is a cruel tyrant who creates homosexuals so that we can condemn them for religious reasons, in which case He is capricious and arbitrary (and therefore unworthy of our devotion), or else He is just and righteous and people choose to be gay or lesbian.  But if one chooses, why can't an omnipotent God make one choose to be straight?

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