Senate Chaplain's Prayer Begs Help From The Almighty For Fiscal Cliff Negotiations

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Instead of begging an imaginary guy in the sky to do your work for you, roll up your sleeves and get to work, guy.  Begging will get you nothing but bull.

The #1 danger in prayer right there. People use it as an excuse to avoid actually doing anything. Really sucks when you are broke, sick, hungry, and tired and someone promises to pray for you. Ironically, even the bible condemns this....

Who on earth remember's a Howard Dean scream except a man lost in the past?

I remember - funny stuff!
I agree Booklover - no hope for us!
No wonder nothing has been done. They think a sky daddy will do the work for them!
That was a few minutes that could have been used to work on the budget.

In the meantime, my White House petition is going to fail in nine more days, with only sixty-eight signatures, so perhaps as the Democrats said we really aren't a constituency.

Hahaha... That's an Adventist for you! Why do the work yourself when you can ask God to give it to you for free! Ha!

Oh, the church of my youth. ;)


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