February 12, 2011 is the 202nd birthday of Charles Darwin, the man who revolutionized the biological sciences with his theory of evolution through natural selection. And what better way of sharing your commitment to real world knowledge could there be than by sending a Darwin Day e-card to those you care about?

The International Darwin Day Foundation, a group that promotes "dialogue worldwide about Darwin’s legacy and influence on humanity," is offering free Darwin Day e-cards to anyone who wants them.

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So, where can one find a nice selection of Darwin Day ecards?

Any other links? I want to send some to my christian friends ;)


I do like the one you posted, but I would prefer a larger one with more color :)

You can find a link within the article. Unfortunately, they only have a small and not all that colorful selection.
One could also try some photoshop dickery to make some.

I Plan on pulling a John Safran vs. God and going door to door asking people if they want to hear the Good news of Atheism.
All I need is a copy of "On the Origin of SPecies"

I'm not very good at Photoshop dickery.

Prefer to steal...err, I mean borrow, from someone with more talent ;)

Nor I. : \ damn.




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