Well, the crazy xtians in my state are at it again.  

Commissioners in Rowan County said they're going to continue opening their meetings with Christian prayers, despite a recent Supreme Court action upholding a ban on the practice.

yeah............. what do you do when you are surrounded by people just like this bunch..... They are EVERYWHERE!

here is the article....

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sounds like a job for american atheists
hey check this out:

Yeah because there's no one as supreme as sky daddy cop-out allot aye? ; )
I feel ya man; the obvious cult crap is driving people to erect zombie barricades i'm telln' ya
these zombies are finally hitting rock bottom post mccain palin fail; nah mean?

what no one is connecting which i could say is happening in regards to Chinese? banker types paying palin to go talk or dance etc.. for em' at 50, 60k? nuts.. perhaps the atheist movement needs a spokes woman that appeals to the males then we'd see some hot burnin battles ay!? ; )

Here's an idea.  Take a bible to all the meetings.  When they start praying you start reading Matthew chapter 6 verses 5 & 6.

Surely, if they have the right to pray then you have the right to read the bible.

There are also a lot of nasty stories from the bible that you could read.

Oh boy thats something I have wantedd to do for a long while. I just have to get up the courage to do so. It would be great just to get the priest,rabbi etc.on their own reading out the Bible phrases as you suggest and askthem if they really believe in this book. I have a feeling that dont really.


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