Anybody heard of this stuff? Someone close to me, who is normally as skeptical and atheist as myself, is suddenly all worried about this thing. It's kind of a mixture of paranoia about a bunch of things supposedly happening on the same day. CERN generated black holes, meteor impacts, jade helm/fema marshall law, all sorts of references to the number 923 or 924 in about 50 movies, bible predictions, just a mish-mash of all sorts of unrelated hoodoo. 

Seems to be a viral thing. I guess it will die down about 9/25. Just wondered if it has infected anybody you know.

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I think my mother recently mentioned something about the world ending in about a month. And I'm nearly positive my cousin will buy into it in some way. My family is crazy that way.

I have not heard this doomsday prediction and I assume it is just as silly as all the other superstitions of the past. CERN generated black holes exist in the imaginations of people who fear sience. 

Climate change and global warming all have facts to support these contentions. Is it not interesting that people believe doomsday claims even as many deny global warming!

In the case of Jade Helm and FEMA marshall law, they represent the fear tactics of disoriented people. They make as much sense as doomsday claimers. 

Speaking of the "FEMA martial law" scare tactic, I still think we ought to spread this meme to tea partiers (courtesy of Americans Against The Tea Party):

ATTENTION TEA PARTY - OBAMA AGENDA ALERT! When you go to the polls and they ask for your name and check you off in the registry... it's really just a way for Obama to get your name and address so he can send people to take your guns and put you in a FEMA camp! DON'T VOTE! Save yourselves from the dictator and stay at home! (Spread the Word! Please share all of your Tea Party friends.)

Well put, Joan.

Hadn't heard about September 23rd. However, I did hear about October 7, 2015, as the end of the world. I'm now totally confused. Shall I sell everything I own on September 22nd, or October 6th. The good news is that either way, I won't have to worry about setting the clocks back on November 1st. 

Gee ... after Harold Camping and the Mayan calendar thing, I was wondering if someone weren't off their feed, since I haven't heard any end-of-the-world predictions since.  So ... shall we all get the beer and chips and wait for nothing to happen?

I haven't heard of September 23rd directly but I am getting strong hints that something BAD is going to happen this month. That goes from a total economic collapse to meteors from space, etc. As for American economy, our money is supposed to be worth nothing starting this Sunday, September 13th. (I thought our money was "just paper" for many years. No value.)  Apparently some believe that China is going down and we will go with them. I watch TV from all over the world and I thought the market rallied by 600 points recently.

Doomsday messages are all over the Internet. If it isn't our money going to hell it's the invisible man and his group coming back to make war with someone. Some bible thumpers think he is sending his son and a bunch of angels on horseback. No modern weapons can prevail against them. This group keeps getting converts also because nobody can stand not knowing the answers. Get in with one of these Apostolic groups today and suddenly you have all the answers also. That might be what it's all about.

Throw in your favorite movies and other conspiracies with the above and you have a lifetime of doomsday events to worry about. Remember that if it didn't happen today or this month, there is always the next time. I work around people who think there is "still time for Obama to declare martial law." I've never seen people that much afraid of a black man in my life!

My wife seen it written somewhere, though as soon as they bring numerology into it, we know it is bogus.

Numerological nonsense has never worked, as numerals were invented by humans, so if numerology is involved, it is never natural occurring phenomenon, it is simply made up by some person's over numerical imagination.

It's like the 666 being the mark of the beast.

In other numeral systems it is completely different, so 666 to somebody only versed in Chinese wouldn't appear to mean anything, but a neat pattern.

六 which is the Pinyin version of 666, just looks like a neat dance.  :-D~

Once again, I can't help but note the anxious attitude on the part of some of the commenters, as though They Can't Wait for this to happen and they can be relieved of the responsibility of living their lives and put it all in the Hands of the Man.

To me, that may be the single most frightening part of this whole magilla.

 It would be nice if these prophets were as sure about the weather as they are about the end of the world.




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