Seven-year-old sacrificed to the gods for good harvest in India

What century is this?

New Delhi - A seven-year-old girl was ritually murdered and her liver offered to the gods in return for a good agricultural harvest in the central state of Chhattisgarh, India, police said on Sunday.

Police arrested two men in connection with the murder of Lalita Tati after her body was found in October. Her family had reported her missing. According to the police, the men confessed to the crime. AFP reports that the jungle district of Chhattisgarh is a rebel Maoist stronghold where human sacrifice is still practised. The sacrifices are believed to appease the gods, spirits and deities.

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What India needs is 'Self-Sacrifice' whereby 200 million or so of its underclassed citizens sacrifice themselves to 'the gods, spirits and dieties' to tidy the place up and make it more presentable for international observation. That way the rest of them can clean up their own shit and start thinking about sanitation.

That sounds gruesome, Napoleon, akin to a genocide fantasy. Don't you know any Indians? We live in neighborhood with many, and I can hardly imagine the impact on my neighbors if your fantasy magically came true. We have plenty of our own metaphorical sanitation needs.

Hi Ruth,

Gruesome ? I'm just being cynical about the socio-economic problems caused by people who have no empathy with their own countrymen/women, and expect them to clean up their shit.

Why don't I know any Indians ? The aboriginal people of North America were almost wiped out by an augmented, god-fearing, genocidal, English-speaking nation and, I guess, there are not many about now to show their culture to the world. 

I was thinking what century is this as well. At least they were arrested for the crime. I wonder how much of this sacrifice goes on? Is this a rare occurrence I wonder? Or maybe the only ones that were caught.




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