Many of the groups I am in give the following message when I try to look at the group page:

"That group is awaiting approval. For further assistance, please contact us."

They are groups that have been around for a long time, 2 examples are Godless Gamers and Atheist Musicians, among several more. Others appear to be working fine... any ideas? Using Firefox 8.0.

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I just noticed that myself too - I was wondering what was wrong.

There is some type of glitch. We have been trying to fix it, but may have missed a few. Please let us know.

@B. Richard,

Have you tried contacting Ning help?

Also I found this discussion on Ning Creators group - Groups Suddenly Showing Up As "Awaiting Approval"?  A lot of people are having this issue.

100 Members!
I'm proud of you folks :-)
For a better Europe...

Update: over 170 members! You guys rock ;-)

200! You are AWESOME folks :-)


>>>>>>?/p> is still down

the other two are now working.

Glad this was posted.  I say this on several groups too.  Glad it's being fixed!

I've sent a note about atheist news and the vegetarian group too.

Also Anarchist Atheists...

and Biological Sciences, and women...

and Childless and Godless, Ages 40 and Over, Green Party, Left Wing, Convert the women, Cinema...

Ok, it's way more than a few, I give up!

Any fix coming soon??

We are trying. Up all night working on it.


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