Many of the groups I am in give the following message when I try to look at the group page:

"That group is awaiting approval. For further assistance, please contact us."

They are groups that have been around for a long time, 2 examples are Godless Gamers and Atheist Musicians, among several more. Others appear to be working fine... any ideas? Using Firefox 8.0.

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Wishing you success :)

But really, don't lose sleep on it, it's not that urgent :)

Have you tried praying, I hear that works. :)

Or maybe sleeptime visualisation! :)

Crap, if only I was employed. :(

Camino browser. Been the best outta them all for this ning network...
probably some lurker liar mole with a denial of service attack or zombie dummy pc's stationed around the ... anyhow vigilance!

"Camino browser"...

what does this mean?

Youtube atheists is working now, thanks!

I already reported one yesterday, but also noticed others.

Health & Fitness is "awaiting approval".

There are a lot of groups - the Useless Without Coffee also is not working.




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