I understand 15 may be too young in most opinions to be thinking about sex so please don't get the wrong idea because thisbhas nothing to do with that.

I was just thinking because, in 7th grade a worker came and taught everyone about why you should wait until you're older. The content of this class has now changed. In both 7th and 9th grade classes, the whole thing is about why abstinence is the right way to go and how it's only okay to have sex with whomever you're married to (sounds like a Christian thing, huh?). Last year in my 9th grade year they told us that, and then proceeded to say if you don't wait until marriage you'll get all these horrible STDs, you'll more than likely end up pregnant, and you'll be depressed. People will automatically find out and your whole reputation will be ruined, and all your friends will be gone. But if you're married, all of that disappears.

They never once taught how to be safe, never mentioned birth control, or any other effective ethods for preventing pregnancy and STDs.

The school isn't supposed to teach things based upon religious bias. I think it's ridiculous that they bring God into things like that and then tell you your life will be completely ruined unless everybody waits until marriage. The only thing you'll learn in our sex ed classes are why God likes it better when you stay abstinent, and how he punishes you horribly for premarital sex.

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