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My favorite comment:


"That's offensive"


To which my counter-punch is:

No one has the right not to be offended.

One I just ran onto recently:

"Then science is your god" ... combined with "EVERYONE has a god, whether it's science or money or themselves or..."

It would seem as though, since they can't conceive of a life without their deity, that we MUST have a deity of some kind!  Ummm ... WRONG!

That's Sh*t alright.

My insurance lady says that we should all believe "just in case" so that we can be covered. I'm serious! She really said that.

Translation: Pascal's Wager, which was BS the first time Blaise said it, and it's been BS every time since.

Thus we should all worship Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of music, arts, knowledge, and science. Those Christians might be headed to the Hindu version of Hell, backing the wrong horse like Jesus.

Pascal blew it. Backed the wrong deity simply because he lived in Europe and didn't know about Saraswati.

That many Hindus can't be wrong, as we know the appeal to popularity is always the best method of ascertaining the truth.

Reminds me of Life of Pi.  If we spread our belief to cover all our bases, every day of the year will be a religious holiday of some sort.

The videos here have kept me laughing for quite some time. Thanks.

I like to to counter with what Mark Twain said:  

"Religion was invented when the first con man met the first fool."

Oh here is another one I like: 

If Prostitution is the oldest profession then religion the oldest scam?

Theist: "What wakes you up in the morning?"
Me: "I didn't realize god worked like an alarm clock."

Theist: "Why do you even get out of bed in the morning?"
My Atheist brother: "Usually it's because I don't want to piss myself."

Theist: "So you don't believe in god?"
Me: "First of all, which god should I believe in? There are a lot of them."
Theist: "You mean like false gods?"




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