Not a new post but new to me.  So true.  So true.


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Well, yeah.  Obviously, you mean false gods.  ^.^

John Aultman wrote: If Prostitution is the oldest profession then religion the oldest scam?

I have two close friends who are prostitutes (one of them is actually my best friend). They are far more honest than religious hucksters.

I get this one a lot: "You are free to believe whatever you want."  No I'm not!  I wanted to believe in Christianity!  (Yes, I'm still coming to grips with things.)  But really what it means is: "I'm going to ignore any valid point you just made and end the conversation."

Yeah, that one is kind of similar to the "Let's just agree to disagree," off-switch.  It annoys the hell out of me.  No, this shit is important, since it impacts the way you live your life, and the way you influence others.  Let's hash this out.

Yeah, that's basically the same thing.  I've heard it too.




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