Thought I would start a new discussion and get things going again in this group!! So here is my discussion, share a fantasy or two. . . I know everyone has a few so share one. Doesn't have to be crazy or out there, just make it between consenting adults.

Mine. . . Well. . .

For the last few months I have wanted to see my wife have sex with 2 or 3 other people at once. (we have an open relationship so. . .) With another couple or with just guys. She has told me that this sounds fun, but we haven't done it yet. I think I want to see her pleasured a whole bunch. See her having fun. Watch her orgasm again and again. It just sounds so sexy to me. . .

Another one I have, and this one is for me, is to be with a couple with a Bi guy. So everyone can play with everyone. None of the "us and them" or the other guy worrying about guy to guy contact. Doesn't have to be any guy/guy sex, but at least some oral back and forth. . .

Other little ones about me. . . I have wanted to have sex where the girl is smoking during and looking bored reading a book. . . a confident girl that rides a motorcycle and me on the back holding on to her, pulling off somewhere quiet and. . .I have a thing for panties, just notice them a lot. . .And like face sitting by a "full figured" women. . .

So, there are a few of mine. I kept them short. . . didn't want to write a porn novel. Hope they got your imagination going and you had fun reading. So, comment on them and share some of your own!!

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Nice!! Gotta love snuggling up with a good book. . . And I think everyone loves Christmas Presents!!
What a great line: "they treat me like I'm something they found under the tree on Christmas morning, and have fun unwrapping and playing with me".

I will have to use that one :)
Hmmm... I like this discussion. First of all I'd like to start by saying I have a habit of fulfilling my fantasies but there are still some to be satisfied. I'd like to have a threesome with a bi guy or girl... or heck a bi couple (even better). My husband is bi and i'd say i'm curious so to be with an uninhibited bi couple would be awesome. The possibilites are endless!
MMmmmm. . .yes. . . The posabilities ARE endless!! That is why I have a very similar fantasy.
A lot of permutations!
My fantasies include being with two girls or two guys at the same time which I have never experienced. I haved enjoyed having a few guys with me and my wife. That is a lot of fun especially when the guy is at least bi-curious (but thats only happened once). Hopefully I will get to experience my fantasies (which would be a great birthday present)!

My greatest fantasy is having a triad relationship with my wife and another guy. I can only imagine the things my wife and I would have fun doing with him...and we would be up late many nights!
Yes, I have fantasies of a three some but haven't had the opportunity yet either, well, with me as the "ONE". My wife has had me and another guy, but he was very strait so it was us focused on her. . . Still would like a couple or 2 girls with me as the entertainment. . .
I've always wanted to have an experience with the same sex that didn't involve meeting in a gay/bi context (gay bar, meetup, etc) or having the "coming out" conversation...we just realize we are attracted to each other and get past the boundaries, without even the words "gay/bisexual" coming up.

Related, I often have crushes on Indian women. I find people from a less "sexually liberated" culture intriguing b/c I wonder what they are thinking, and I know someone has to be gay or bisexual. A few months ago I partly fulfilled both these fantasies at once, although I didn't get to have full-out sex with her.

Other fantasies: man on man action between long haired metal guys, and also Indian guys. Two cultures known for homophobia. Cross-dressing can be kind of hot too.

Apparently I like the forbidden, or challenges, or people who are not readily available!
One thing you mentioned at first that I had noticed but never thought of about a same sex encounter without having to go through all the " are you gay/bi" first. There is such a difference in how you meet someone of the opposite sex or the same sex. Its too bad there is that difference in our society.

I can also relate about liking the forbidden. . . people who are NOT available. . . Like a good little mormon girl. . . or the butch girl that is only into girls, or cute feminine boy that ends up being strait . . . Being bi is soooo much more free and frustrating at the same time!!
I told one of my old gfs (she was very kinky) about how I like challenge and forbiddenness and all that, not immediately knowing that I can have sex with a person, etc, and she thought that I had a very obscure fetish. Really? I thought it was just plain old human nature to want something more when it's harder to get!
Oh yea, wanting something that you have to work for or probably can't have. It does have an allure!!


This new years my wife and I went to a party at a friends. There was this girl there that my wife and I both noticed right away. She was happy and smiling and having a good time. She was friendly, could hold a good conversation, smart. BUT it turned out she was only into girls. . . sad for me. But she and my wife hit it off perfect. . .

That was a hard one for me when both of them wandered off to the back of the house. . . wanting what I couldn't have but at the same time excited for my wife. . .

I don't know why I am so attracted to girls that are only into girls. I can't figure if it is that I like the impossible challenge or that I just like "tom boys" and the women I have been meeting lately in that category just all happen to be only into girls.

Also at the same party was a yummy guy. . . BUT he was there with another guy. . . and then left so early I didn't have a chance to talk to him much. . . or get his number. . . or find out first if he and the guy he was with were even "together". . .

Oh the love of the forbidden!!!
I do have a thing for guys who like guys, too. (My husband has accused me of trying to turn him gay! lol) I think maybe I like bi guys even more b/c I think they actually have a more difficult time than gay guys (b/c bi guys don't get the approval that bi girls get) and I like the idea of two guys going past the boundaries of what straight guys are supposed to act like.




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