My mother continuously gets pissed with me because i love to draw on my self with Sharpies(check my page for proof of this). It has to be a Sharpie marker(s), and if im going to do it i'll do it big. Granted i am an old person that is supposed to be mature, i love to draw on my person. i don't see the problem with me drawing on my self with Sharpie its not like im out getting tattoos but maybe im missing the point so please inform me of the problem. 

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check my page for proof of this

Your page is set to private. No one can see it, unless they are your friend.
The problem is people see drawing on yourself with felt markers as a behavior you should have overcome in preschool. Not a problem I have (we all have our quirks) but a suggestion as to why the people around you don't like it.

Aren't Sharpies full of stuff that is bad for you? It strikes me as about as safe as using electrical tape as an accessory.
When I was in middle school, I would draw intricate patterns on my hands of flowers with gel pens. It would look like a lace glove by the time I was done, which was epic. But washed off easily. >.> Try switching to that instead of sharpie as a start. >.> Or carrying paper so you can draw on those. I still like keeping my hands busy, but I rarely ever draw on myself any more.

The issue partly lies in the fact that no one can take someone covered in marker seriously.
Oh yeah, I forgot about those bored in math class body art sessions. *LOL*
Your mother is mothering you. The rest of the world could care less what you do with your Sharpies on your own time. (I can't really speak for the whole world, it's my opinion.)
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