Shirtless guy spends 5 hours standing and reading Psalms on Youtube video



For some reason, he calls it "The Book of McYel, Apocalypse of McYel Christ", but it is just the book of Pslams with "Jesus" thrown in whereever it says "Lord". 

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I have absolutely no intention of spending a lot if time checking this out. It didn't tho, require much investigation to conclude that, yes, this is a bit of weird shit. This type of weird behavior tho, I really donot have much problem w, as he is wasting only his own time and that of anyone who chooses to listen to him.

Think of it like John Lennons' bed peace, or growing his hair for peace, or whatever. His point was that he did not think that he and his ego were above making a rool of himself in effort of furthering some cause that he believed in.

I have this veiw of theists as people who are convinced that they possess irrefutable and certain knowledge that they know of an impending disaster. And that also only they have knowledge of how to avert this disaster. They know for certain that plenty of people are going to hell unless these uninformed people follow their advise. If any of us had reason to think that a building filled w people was fixing to blow up, then we would feel allowed and, in fact, compelled to do most anything to save these people from destruction, including lying and cheating, and I would hope making a fool of ourselves.

The problem here, of course, is that he actually has no evidence that this disaster that he is so certain of is real in fact. But given his convictions, what he is doing is not unreasonable. The problem is mearly how he and his fellow theists have come to be so convinced of t certainty of their convictions on nothing but t many millennia old written third hand account of a particular groupe of bronze age desert dwelling goat hearders.

I could say that t ultimate answer to all mankind questions are answered by whatever patern my ass pimples make, and I would have just as valid a claim to legitimacy.

My thoughts exactly ... ummm yeah ok .. whatever floats your boat.


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