SHOCKING NEWS!! Rand Paul does NOT believe in the Trinity!

Rand Paul has come out against the belief in the Trinity! See his quote below. This is a PERFECT example of the religion I have coined as "The Cult of Christ". Its this warm and fuzzy hippy jesus that is removed from the trinity. Cuz if he were part of the trinity, which makes him GOD (in 3 persons) then the OT is a Resume of a War Mongering God that pined for slaughter.


So ole Rand has basically came out and said (without saying) that he is having none of this Trinity Nonsense!

Making the case against excessive American engagement overseas, Sen. Rand  Paul (R-Ky.) reminded social conservatives Thursday that Jesus was anti-war.

“I can recall no utterance of Jesus in favor of war or any acts of  aggression,” Paul said at a kickoff luncheon for the Faith and Freedom Coalition  conference. “In fact, his message to his disciples was one of  non-resistance.”

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A trinitarian god could conceivably use different persons for different facets of his personality. Or even repent of his previous ways... and evolve? A lot is possible in fiction.

(I read Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy recently, and the god character makes a memorable appearance in the third book. He's nowhere near as unchanging as portrayed in our world's scriptures and liturgies!)

Anyway, the article also highlights Rand Paul's anti-choice beliefs, valuing zygotes and embryos -- potential children -- above actual living breathing people:

The senator also highlighted his anti-abortion bona fides, noting that he authored a bill saying that life begins at conception and urged his church to get more active on this issue as a child.

“As Christians, we know we must always stand with the most defenseless,” he said. “I believe that no civilization can long endure that does not respect life from those not yet born to life’s last breath.”


My posts are generally dripping with Sarcasm! I am a Marxist....Groucho Marxist!!!

I was poking fun at the UBER Fundie Paul and mocking his belief in the trinity, but somehow saying that JC..who WAS there all along...was not a war monger. Guess JC was looking the other way when part 2 and 3 of the trinity were slaughtering their way to the promised land.


Rand Paul is a fool. I cant believe anyone is taking that guy serious, honestly. He is ripe for lampooning. He IS simply an evolved Sarah Palin/Michelle Bachmann. The only difference is he can put a thought and sentence together. He is just as nutty...and this Anti War Jesus POV of his is proof.

He's been playing in the Guano!

"... an evolved Sarah Palin/Michelle Bachmann"?!?  Bro, that is as dastardly a slur at evolution as I've ever heard!  Wash your mouth out with SOAP!!!  [chuckle!]

And as for being a Groucho Marxist ... "Say da secret woid, the duck comes down, ya win a hundred dallahs!  The secret woid is a common household item, found in any home!"

I hearby offer a humble apology to Evolution. I did not mean to offend evolution or natural selection by comparing it to Bachman / Palin.

It's merely further proof that evolution was/is not "guided" towards the ultimate goal of producing Homo sapiens sapiens!

“I can recall no utterance of Jesus in favor of war or any acts of  aggression,” Paul said at a kickoff luncheon for the Faith and Freedom Coalition  conference. “In fact, his message to his disciples was one of  non-resistance.”

I can recall one from Matthew 10:34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

Good call Dr Allan! I was so caught up with the trinity nonsense that I forgot to mention that gem of NON RESISTANCE (coughs as he types).

Lets forget about the NON resistant act of overturning the money changer tables...which got his ass nailed to a tree.

Flipping Tables, Bringing Swords and Setting Sons against fathers, daughters against moms...what a swell guy!

There have been many anti-Trinitarians, including of course, the Unitarians. There is little justification in scripture for the concept, the main one being the so-called Comma Johanneum (1 John 5:7), and that verse is considered a corruption by most modern scholars. There is a long and complex history of this verse as a corruption—it does not occur in the earliest Greek manuscripts—and the most common theory is that it was inserted to provide evidence for the Trinity.

Incidentally Isaac Newton wrote about this—An Historical Account of Two Notable Corruptions of Scripture—but did not publish his comments in his lifetime since disbelief in the Trinity was a crime in his day.

The concept of the Trinity is not easily explained without falling into one of the many possible heresies surrounding it. (There are at least a dozen possible heresies and some are subtle.) I would bet that a majority of Christians are Trinitarian heretics.

Yes, yes, yes.  This is what I keep saying and no one listens.  These so called "Christians" band together to oppose progress (what I choose to call liberals--progressives) and think they all believe exactly the same thing.  This is nowhere near the truth which Rand Paul (a bipolar/narcissist) so clearly points out.  They voted for Romney because he is a "good Christian boy."  Not.  Catholics are "good Christian boys" although they don't make a place in Heaven for the Rand Pauls of the world.  (Well, maybe the new pope is going to let a few heathens in.)  And of course Catholics are definitely "the boys," no girls allowed.  If it was not so destructive to the welfare of all mankind it would be Groucho Marxism.

he's anti choice no? or.. did that die too?




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