So I've been seeing quite a few posts on my page about how brave those christian students were to die for their faith, I already knew something was up. Then I saw this article:

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The fact is that there are certain christians out there who will play the persecution card any- and every time they get a chance.  While this behavior is tiresome and childish, the need remains to call them on it.

Insofar as the perpetrators are concerned, they are neither special nor blessed.  They are just another target.

I felt great annoyance with the posts that I saw, and even got into an argument with one lady about it who, thankfully, blocked me. It is absolutely shocking when people use tragedy to make themselves feel good. And clearly this mental disorder of wanting to feel targeted and persecuted makes them fell good. Honestly seeing the posts that these people put up made me feel sick.

I wonder if it's some kind of mechanism they use to reinforce their mistaken idea that it's all part of their god's plan, that he's in control, when in fact, there is NO control.  Honestly, at some level, my suspicion is that they're scared shitless and this is their means of maintaining compartmentalization between their hallucination and the real world.

Just a guess ... but maybe worth a thought.

I think you are right, Loren.

Paranoia reinforces grandiosity, in religion as well as certain US politics.

It’s easier to believe you are exceptional if you are comparing yourself with others and if you are proving your remarkable strength against naysayers or challengers. It helps, in other words, to have an enemy who is threatening your greatness.

Christians want to feel "targeted." They believe there is a "war on Chritianity" and it is backed by the gospels telling them they would be persecuted along with their insistance that we have to be "in the end times" right now.

If the mainstream media was correct on the events of this shooting I would have to call the whole thing a suicide. Let me explain that. The shooter calls forward various individuals and asks if they are a Christian. When they answer "yes" he shoots them in the head. How many would have to be shot before they started answering "no?" Maybe no more than two.

By the replies the shooter made after he received an affirmative answer implies that he himself was a theist and believed in an afterlife, he replied that it wouldn't hurt and he would see them soon. Creepy crazy people with guns.

He was targeting Christians for whatever reason.

No, he asked what religion his victims were, but that's because he was religious and said things like, this won't hurt, and see you soon. He believed in an afterlife, and believed that he would see his victims in heaven. He wasn't targeting christians, it's more like he was making small talk.

probably not. But it really is not significant, some may see it that way (by comparison, in Muslim areas Christians, as well as atheists and Jews ARE targeted).

We live in a culture which promotes questionable claims of persecution for race, religion, sexuality, disability etc. It's how politicians manipulate votes and how organizations keep their funding.

I honestly didn't think it was significant, until I saw some people posting about how this was a war on christians and that they need to arm themselves.

I can't help thinking about this video.  .


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