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fwd it to atheist cali group!?
say wird!

In terms of regional exceptionalism, I think the US Southeast is more distinct as a separate culture, than California.  

Also, California is tied to both the Southwest and the Northwest as a culture.  The entire US West Coast seems to me, fairly connected.  Where I live in WA State, Portland OR area, there are so many people from California, or who spend time in California, it doesn't seem like a separate region.

Looking at election maps, blue/red splits, the coasts seem to share traits, with the Southeast and middle being different.  I think we'll hear more about Southern (Old confederacy) exceptionalism than about California/West Coast exceptionalism, in the foreseeable future.

So glad I moved back to California. I think I've finally found my people.

yeah but.. earthquakes! someone said around these ocean/coral/swamp/ocean parts.. "it's stupid to build over there" that was from a hardware guy! !?~

follow the money i say; imho California f'd up w/Shwartenagger my goodness pffffft

but yay the skateparks wow dope dope peace


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