I am 16, doing IBDP and a very stressed teenager.
I belong to a Hindu family and my family strongly supports religion and existence of god.
But I don't believe in god as I doubt its existence and holy books.
It's been 3-4 years since I have become atheist.

I have kept it a secret to my family and everyone else.
now my life is more hectic, I don't have time and my parents want me to be more religious in terms of going regularly to temple, praying to god..and when they ask me I am like "I have better things to do than that..."
I do some of it and skip the rest, like I go down outside my home but just take a walk and come back home, don't really go to to temple.

But now it's very tough, I don't have time for all that, I don't like going to temple and pretend that I am praying..
I am so desperate to reveal this secret to my parents, I feel like I am betraying the closest people in my life. All people close to me, my parents, teachers, friends are religious.
but I am scared about the after-effects.
My parents love me a lot and I love them.
I don't want them to stop loving me or disliking me because of my beliefs. They might be heart-broken to know this.

So I want to know what should I do?

Tell them, or live my life way it is, bearing this burden or a secret in me throughout my life?
I definitely want to tell them as it is intolerable now.. but I don't want to disturb them.
So please give me a good or a proper way to approach them and discuss with them about my views through which they completely understand me, and they are not "that" disturbed.

What currently I have planned is to write what I am facing in a sheet, and put in what I am facing but slight changes in the situation - character, religion,... and tell them my teacher has asked me to discuss with parents and their views, I believe this should let me know what would be their reaction and help me know what will be the after effects.

I am going to try this tomorrow(Saturday) evening and see what happens..


But if you have better opinions which I really need, PLEASE someone assist me!

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Yes, it indeed was quite relieving!

Later after 2 days, he again discussed these matters with me and he tried to persuade me to have belief in God, but than we ended up with him acknowledging my belief and thoughts.

Your dad is a good dad!


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