I have a wonderful shot at acquiring a job in the boyscouts of america as a "junior counciler" i believe that is what it was called at least. I'm perfect for the job, i have many friends currently employed there, and it heavily involves the archery range- a favorite hobby of mine. The pay is not bad either. The only problem is that the BSA is discriminatory against atheists. Obviously this is a sore spot for me. I understand the don't ask don't tell thing, but i don't like the idea that anyone should have to hide their beliefs. I don't know if i can bring myself to work for an orginization that enforces such a policy. What do you think i should do?

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If you need the job, then you need it.  BSA is famously antigay as well as antiatheist.  Many of the troops are reportedly mormon dominated.  Nothing wrong with consorting with the enemy if it serves your needs, but if it was me I would think about other options first.

Do you want to lend you talents and energy to a theistic anti-Atheist homophobic organization? The company one keeps does have an impact. To me that would be like going to the dark side.

Well it would bother me to work for them. But if you need the money and have no other offers you could take the job and look for something else while employed with them.
I imagine it must be like the environmentalist who goes to work for Big Oil.

Methinks it'll drive you crazy and you should (and probably could) find a more productive outlet for your talents - but if you do go for it and get it - be prepared to suffer in silence. I'm not sure where the law would stand if it came to a case for dismissal and it could be proved you joined an organisation knowing in advance that they already actively discriminate against your group I'm not sure if that's like inviting a law suit?

Not that that is what you are intending but how it might be viewed as cock-eyed and backwards as that is.

Apply for the job, explain to them your belief system, and see how they respond.  If they refuse to hire you specifically because of your "religious affiliation", might that not be cause for a juicy lawsuit?  And on the remote chance that they do hire you, would this not be a wonderful opportunity to instill in our nation's youth an alternative viewpoint to the traditional dogma?

Tough call. Either pay the utility bills or refuse to work for theistic, homophobic organization. If your skills and education lead you in a direction to work with young people, you might want to think about other organizations that work with inner city youth, or foster children, or various other children who come from less than stellar backgrounds. Of course, such organizations may not be available in your area. Which, leads you back to your original quandary. If it were me, and there wasn't much else available, I'd go for it, do the best you can, get it on your resume, and move on when the opportunity presents itself.


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