So I live in the good ol' Bible Belt where they talk about Christianity 100% of the time. Most people I know also know that I am a nonbeliever. Because of this, my family rejects me and I have no friends. I am bullied every day by my family and am about to be kicked out of my home. I also am about to lose my job because of Christianity.

The bible also gives me nightmares every night and makes me hear voices every day. I cannot justify what is in that book. I have a whole list of evil bible verses. You can check them here:

But anyway, I found a good religion called Taoism that I believe is the true religion. I read their holy book about two weeks ago and found nothing wrong with it. Taoism in no way mentions suicide in the holy book. Jesus says people who follow him should kill themselves: Matthew 16:25. But I'm killing myself to escape Christianity. I want to be with the Tao so bad.

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Hey wait. The tao that can be spoken is not the eternal tao.

Ya get one spin around the park and you are young. Things change. Killing self is very bad option.

Work on a different future away from the bible belt. 

Nobody, I don't agree with Glen.

Xianity (the Catholic kind) made my teens and early twenties miserable. A war came along, I fought in it, came back uninjured and used the GI Bill to go to college.

I was just over halfway through college and my parents drove 150 miles to tell me I was going to college because I was too lazy to get a job. I threw them and their religion out of my life.

I took a break from college, got a paying job, and looked at several of the world's other religions. Tao was one of them and I too liked it, but something else was missing.

Late one night, feeling way down, I reached a hand to my nightstand to get my gun. I intended to use it to end my despair. In that moment I realized that my life was mine.

That was in 1958. I liked the Tao but chose agnosticism. Back in college I found what I liked to do that people would pay me to do. I married a woman who, like me, didn't want children. Six years ago I chose atheism.

I now know what my problem was. Despite having been to a war, I had not separated from my parents. It took what they told me to make me separate.

I don't agree with Glen's "Killing self is very bad option." It's neither bad nor good, but it's effective.

I hit a bottom probably much like the bottoms that addicts talk about. Hitting it worked very well.

I wish you well.

Where Henry is it may be impossible to get secular counseling.  I understand how he might feel the only way to escape this all-pervasive "Christianity" would be death, but that's not the case.  I wish I, or somebody here, could say "Henry, I'll send you a plane or bus ticket to where I am, and put you up while you create a new life."  That may be what he needs.  Cutting off all contact with parents, family, and all current associations could show him that there is a world after stifling religion.  But it may be entirely up to him.  Henry, remember: suicide cuts off all hope for a life you can enjoy, and that lets you contribute to new friends, a secular society, and most of all, your future.  You can have a great future, but it'll require lots of effort on your part.  Best wishes.

Time enough to be dead, better try to build a life away from the xtians. Perhaps you don't see it yet, but there's a world of different people...

Look up Darrel W. Ray. See if there is a "Recovering from Religion" group near you and if not, try to start one.

My parents are Jewish. They never considered disowning me, but I have read about people who were raised jewish and then they left the religion and their families disowned them or worse.

In the past, and now in some contries, religion and government were the same thing, to some people, when their kids quit their religion, it is like rejecting authority or some kind of major trauma to them and there may be nothing you can do about it.

If at all possible, talk to your family and find a way to explain to them that even though you don't believe in or follow the religion, you will still be a decent person and you still want to have a decnt relationship with your family. If they say you are going to hell, calmly explain that you understand that yiu are going to hell, but you would prefer to go to hell and be free from the religion than the opposite. Always try to remain perfectly calm and reasonably polite and let your family be the ones who go nuts over you, so you will feel smart in comparison.

Darrel W. Ray may have a list of non-religious psychologists.

Now you know what to do, and Taoism has nothing to do with it. You need to find friends around your age and find a life that has nothing to do with religion.

A damned good thought here, being Recovering From Religion.  I'd get with them soonest if you haven't already.

Excellent ideas, Michael Pianko! You are wise beyond your years. 

I have found the one true religion. It's called NONE. When it comes to religion I have found I am happiest when I have none.

Michael Penn, I agree! There is no religion on Earth that is not human made. If human made, then human killed. 

Part of being American,

isn't that just human, Daniel?

If you lose your job and your family kicks you out, you're free of the Bible Belt. Get on a train or bus and move to a liberal area.

Shopping for an easier religion to live with is a foolish choice. Every religion limits your mind and warps your reality. Don't waste years finding out the shortcomings of Taoism first hand.

Reinvent yourself by taking reality seriously. Grab life with both hands.

There are many ways to find peace and be grounded which don't involve mumbo jumbo.




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