So I live in the good ol' Bible Belt where they talk about Christianity 100% of the time. Most people I know also know that I am a nonbeliever. Because of this, my family rejects me and I have no friends. I am bullied every day by my family and am about to be kicked out of my home. I also am about to lose my job because of Christianity.

The bible also gives me nightmares every night and makes me hear voices every day. I cannot justify what is in that book. I have a whole list of evil bible verses. You can check them here:

But anyway, I found a good religion called Taoism that I believe is the true religion. I read their holy book about two weeks ago and found nothing wrong with it. Taoism in no way mentions suicide in the holy book. Jesus says people who follow him should kill themselves: Matthew 16:25. But I'm killing myself to escape Christianity. I want to be with the Tao so bad.

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Ruth, Nobody's journey to freedom will differ from mine.

The Catholicism I knew taught helplessness and from 1957 I still remember how relieved I was to learn that all of the major religions have a golden rule. My fear went away and I felt safer leaving the "box" I had grown up in.

Grabbing life required energy and for a while the only future I saw was too much like the past I knew. I didn't want anything from that past. I had the money I would need to continue college but I needed a different future.

Nobody's journey to freedom will be unique to him. Anger can supply the energy he will need. Seeing a freedom he wants can also supply that energy.

Tom, I agree, anger is a friend that provides the energy one needs to break from the family and create a life of one's own. The interesting thing is, we often come back to the family after we have successfully made the transition from dependent to self-sufficient. We find we want and need the connection to family, but on one's terms. 

Joan, I have a problem the anger as a friend metaphor. I can part with friends; I won't part with my capacity to anger; I might someday need the energy it supplies.

Did you come/go back to the family, or did you let the family back into your life?

I let my parents back into my life, and as you say I did it on my terms. The transition was so large that I saw one of my terms only when they died; I felt almost nothing.

Decades after they died I learned why the transition had been so large. It's too long a story to tell here; I can summarize it with Their lives were tragedy.

My goodness, why do you have a problem with anger being a friend? So many events in life require anger in order to break free or make necessary changes. Feelings become enemies if they take over one's life. Like happiness, sadness, and fear, they each have their place in a healthy life. To deny any one puts a limit on a person that acts like a flat tire that goes flat in sections. Imagine the wheel with different emotions occupying different segments. If one aspect is flat, the wheel stops acting like a round wheel. 

Joan, read my first paragraph again.

In short, no friend is a part of me. My capacity to anger is a part of me.

It's a guy thing.

It's girls who are taught to hide anger, though less now than formerly.

Oh, I see what you mean. Yes, anger was whipped out of the girls of my generation. For my girl cousins and me, a birch switch was the instrument of torture. Many of us now are female curmudgeons, opinionated, strong-willed, outspoken, pompous, arrogant and other such lovely attributes. 

"a birch rod must be ‘green,’ that is freshly cut before being put to use."

~  The birch and its domestic use

Right on, Ruth, get on a bus, train or plane and create your reality!

So many of my cousins and I divorced our family before we were able to find ourselves. I think this is simply an adjustment from old patriarchal hierarchy to an age of self-determination. 

My 1st cousins had a reunion last Friday. I am the oldest of the female cousins, and as I look at my younger cousins, I see these elderly individuals as very much the same as when we were children. I am 80 and I have many of the characteristics that I had as a child. My timid cousin is still timid, the annoying one is still as he was as a kid,  the rational one still looks after all of us, the funny one kept us in laughter.  Of course, there have been changes over time, place and experience, but we come into the world with a nature and it seems to stay. 

So, as soon as you are able, take the hero's journey to find yourself. That is called growing up. 

A lot, perhaps most people who are taught a religion and then they leave or quit the religion, are psychologically damaged in some way due to being taught the religion. For example, I am not happy that my parents wasted approximately 1,120 hours (or seventy 16-hour days worth of activities, yes I did some math) of my life on Jewish religious classes, plus due to judaism, I can barely function sexually. And I can't sue anybody over it. But there are so many activities and events that have nothing to do with religion. Unfortunately, many or most people you will meet are infected with a religion. Try not to pay attention to it or discuss religion most of the time, unless they really want to know about your quitting religion and why it is bogus. Look up information about the atheist organizations or groups closest to where you live. For example, near where I live, so far I have been to a few meetings of the Detroit Atheist Meetup, which is in a restaurant and there was a picnic sponsored by the Michigan Atheists, and the people are more likely to talk to me than Other ethnic-Jewish people, and I can't be honest about religion around other ethnic-Jews, although many people at the atheist meetings are communist or socialist minded liberals, but nobody is perfect. Just make sure you find friends who don't care too much that you quit religion.

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.  

As to the Bible giving you nightmares. It's not the Bible. The Bible is a book of horrible fairytales. It is the spiritual abuse you suffered from living around all those scumbag hypocritical Bible bangers. Google Cult of Dusty. Dusty Smith is a recovering Christian. Rejecting Christianity saved his life. 

I would suggest that you find a Bible, chop it up and shit and piss all over it.  When you get over your initial fear. Learn the Bible so that you can expose what a vile and filthy thing it is. Then do the same thing with the Koran. In the meantime, give God a fuck you.

I enjoyed your post, Chuck.

As to suicide, when the temporary problem is a lifetime of pain, a permanent solution has much appeal.


I can see suicide for people in chronic physical pain.

Chuck, can you see (permit?) suicide for people in chronic mental pain?

Or for any reason they choose?




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