So my mom hired a plumber through the Leaven paper (a local paper written by the archdiocese of Kansas City) and the guy was really nice and only charged us $100.  We called Roger the Plumber and they wanted to charge us $400 for the same job.  Now he has been doing all the projects in our house because he doesn't charge much.  He thinks our entire family is a nice Catholic family, but the problem is it is only my mom that is religious.  My dad and I are atheists, but don't really voice it to everyone.  Is it wrong of me that I want to hire this guy to do the plumbing at my workplace?  It states in his ad that he only works on houses of parishioners from the KC area.  I don't go to church, so would it be wrong to keep letting this guy think I am a nice Catholic man just to get the cheap plumbing jobs he does?  It makes me feel guilty, not religiously guilty, and I think I should tell him, but the guy does such a great job and for a low price so I am confused about what to do.



Thanks for all your inputs!!

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Go ahead and hire him. He's probably wrong to say he only works for parishioners in his ad. He's probably glad of the work anyway and provided he doesn't demand that you declare yourself a Catholic before doing business, I don't see a problem.
Don't ask, don't tell. I'd say this is a fitting phrase considering that this post looked gay at first.
If I was gay I would have been kicked out of my house a long long long long time ago!!!
You get what you pay for. Use him, but don't be surprised when your "comeuppance" floods your basement :)

(I recently hired the best pros around to do my plumbing, it was more expensive, but the work is solid, guaranteed, and I have no problem calling them to redo/fix their own work if necessary)
He is actually certified and bonded. And he actually fixed something that the big plumber guys could never fix.
This has gone farther than I ever thought it would go. Let's calm down here folks.
I see no problem with it what-so-ever. He is doing a job and getting paid his usual rate. Religion has nothing to do with it. Your mom is Catholic anyway. She lives there, right? So he is working for her if it makes you feel better. I would not bat an eye. I have clients that have crosses up on the walls in their houses, I don't get a megaphone and announce I'm an atheist, but I would not deny it if asked directly.
It states in his ad that he only works on houses of parishioners from the KC area.

I agree with Stephen; that's the key sentence. Working on your family's home, since your mom called and she's Catholic, doesn't seem an issue. Working on your workplace... are there any Catholics there?
God being the banker, in this case. :D
I don't see how it would be wrong. If someone does good work for a good price, but only for followers of hellenistic beliefs, then by all means: "Praise be to Zeus for fixith thy toilet!"

Stating that he only does business with cult members isn't any better than saying you only do business with white people. Let him think that you are Catholic and get your discount. Worst case, he figures it out and then he can persecute you for not having his delusions and then you can come back delight everyone with the story. In the end, you are paying for a service (and not being raped). I wouldn't tell him... if he was doing the job regardless of your religion, then sure you could say something, but not if it is going to injure you pocketbook.
Your mom goes to church, does she not? Then he is working on a house of a parishoner. IMO, you and your dad's beliefs are not relavant (no offense meant) to this guy's desire to work for the church. If he thinks so little of his own skills that he undercharges his work, then that is his own issue. However, you may want to check his work, as you do get what you pay for. You may find a huge problem later down the line, in your plumbing.
Keep at it! Just good business sense!




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