So my mom hired a plumber through the Leaven paper (a local paper written by the archdiocese of Kansas City) and the guy was really nice and only charged us $100.  We called Roger the Plumber and they wanted to charge us $400 for the same job.  Now he has been doing all the projects in our house because he doesn't charge much.  He thinks our entire family is a nice Catholic family, but the problem is it is only my mom that is religious.  My dad and I are atheists, but don't really voice it to everyone.  Is it wrong of me that I want to hire this guy to do the plumbing at my workplace?  It states in his ad that he only works on houses of parishioners from the KC area.  I don't go to church, so would it be wrong to keep letting this guy think I am a nice Catholic man just to get the cheap plumbing jobs he does?  It makes me feel guilty, not religiously guilty, and I think I should tell him, but the guy does such a great job and for a low price so I am confused about what to do.



Thanks for all your inputs!!

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Your title seems to cover how you feel about it. If you think hiring him for your workplace without telling him you do not fit his customer base would be dishonest and taking advantage, then you probably shouldn't. Since he has met you and your family already he may pleasantly surprise you if you choose to explain yourself to him. He may not, but then you will not feel that you are doing something against your morals.
I'd take advantage of him. If I have to pretend to be Christian to get the work done cheap, assuming it's still high quality, I'm all for it. Make sure to memorize a local church's name, in case he asks.
Oh fer chrissake, you sad, pathetic wretch!! Dump the guilt trip. The guy is offering to do the job at a price he considers fair, WHY is there a problem? It's guys like him that keep the rest of the sharks in line. It's capitalism and the free enterprise system, competition and all that. Look, if you didn't actually TELL the guy you are religious then he's free to draw all the conclusions he wants.
I'd say go for it. I don't see how it's morally wrong. It's kinda weird, but I don't think it's wrong.




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